Pre-Rulemaking - Solar Offset Program

Docket# 09-SOPR-1

Committee overseeing this proceeding:

James D. Boyd, Vice Chair and Presiding Member
Renewables Committee
Robert B. Weisenmiller, Commissioner and Associate Member
Renewables Committee

This proceeding was for proposed regulations to the Solar Offset Program. For rulemaking documents, see Rulemaking, Docket # 10-SOPR-1.

The purpose of this pre-rulemaking proceeding is to develop regulations to govern the requirements for alternatives to offering solar energy systems as an option for new production homes.

Senate Bill 1 (Murray, Chapter 132, Statutes of 2006 - PDF file) was the culmination of the Governor Schwarzenegger's Million Solar Roofs Initiative, expanding upon the California Solar Initiative and the New Solar Homes Partnership programs. The statute requires the California Energy Commission to establish eligibility criteria, conditions for incentives and rating standards for projects applying for ratepayer funded incentives for solar energy photovoltaic systems.

Public Resources Code Section 25405.5, as enacted by Senate Bill 1, requires the following specific expectations:

  • Sellers of production homes shall offer a solar energy system option to all customers who enter into negotiations to purchase a new production home constructed on land for which an application for a tentative subdivision map has been deemed complete on or after January 1, 2011.
  • The Energy Commission is required to develop an offset program that allows a developer or seller of such production homes to forgo the requirement of offering a solar energy system option on a particular project by installing solar energy systems generating specified amounts of electricity on other projects.

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