New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) New Home Builder Advertising Tool Kit

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Publication Number: CEC-180-2009-007
Report Date: June 2009

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Tool Kit


with the tools they need to help build and create a self-sustaining market for new energy efficient solar homes in California. As part of this effort, the Energy Commission created this New Home Builder Advertising Tool Kit to provide builders, developers and installers with access to the resources they need to Go Solar and market their NSHP communities.

The New Home Builder Advertising Tool Kit is intended for the marketing teams of builders and developers, and is tailored to be used as a tool to market their NSHP energy efficient solar home community. This guide and associated files are available for your advertising agency, designers, or other appropriate vendors to download from this page.

The New Home Builder Advertising Tool Kit provides a variety of pre-designed advertising, including newspaper ads, internet banner ads, micro-website home pages, billboard designs, and more, to help you get your message to the consumer faster. Simply drop in your specific information about your new energy efficient solar home community and then choose your distribution method. Below are the various forms of advertising that are available.