Drilling and Testing of an Exploratory Well Truckhaven Geothermal Area Imperial County - Final Project Report

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Drilling and Testing of an Exploratory Well Truckhaven Geothermal Area Imperial County - Final Project Report. (PDF file, 38 pages, 6.6 megabytes).


Publication Number: CEC-500-2013-083
Report Date: March 2008



Iceland America Energy, Inc. drilled and tested an exploratory geothermal well at the Truckhaven area in northwest Imperial County, California. The project was partially funded by the Energy Commission’s Geothermal Resources Development Account Program. The project goals were to obtain necessary permits; procure services and equipment; construct the wellpad; drill and test an exploratory well; and prove that a commercially productive resource was present. Well IAE Trk‐1 was completed to a depth of 7,139 feet and the project team subsequently ran temperature, pressure and spinner logs and flow tested the well.

Flow testing indicated IAE Trk‐1 was a marginally productive geothermal well. Equilibrated temperature logs indicated a maximum temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit at 7,000 feet. However, the temperature profiles lacked the extensive isothermal zones commonly associated with commercially productive geothermal resources. The well‐produced about 660 gallons/minute (pre‐flash) at low wellhead pressure during a 3.5 hour artesian test after well stimulation. The well produced a low‐salinity, 260 degree Fahrenheit fluid derived from porous sand horizons below the 13 3/8 inch casing shoe to a depth of 4,500 feet. Formation productivity was relatively low, with a carbonate hardness value of about 10,000 millidarcy feet and a productivity index of 2.5 gallons/minute per pounds per square inch. Computer simulation of the well performance indicated a productive potential of about 1.5 megawatts, net of parasitic, if the well was equipped with a downhole pump. If it is not used as a producer, IAE Trk‐1 could be converted to an excellent injector well by perforating high porosity sands currently behind the cemented 13 3/8‐inch casing.