Transmission Grid Research - Final Project Report

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Publication Number: CEC-500-2013-098
Report Date: February 2012

Transmission Grid Research - Final Project Report. (PDF file, 80 pages, 680 kb).




This report presents results from 11 public interest research projects that advance science and technologies related to the electric power transmission grid. These projects fall within three focus areas: infrastructure, real‐time operations, and planning and environmental activities. Three projects summarized current status, research gaps, and recommended research for each focus area. In the infrastructure area, two projects evaluated the seismic issues associated with transformer bushings and substation insulators and made recommendations for adoption by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standard 693, which specifies testing of these components. Three projects focused on real‐time operations. The wide area energy management storage systems project analyzed the combination of fast and slow storage over two balancing areas. A project on oscillation detection developed new algorithms for measuring oscillations in real time. The project on modal analysis for grid operation on the Western Interconnection developed a decision support tool to suggest mitigation steps for poorly damped wide area oscillations. In the planning and environmental areas, two projects were completed. The adaptive relay project studied four different applications of the use of synchrophasor data to improve protective systems. The online tools for wind and solar project developed tools for use by the California Independent System Operator to forecast system demands for ramping and regulation and possible congestion over the following 24‐hour period. Finally, the technology transfer research project focused on disseminating research results and encouraging further commercialization of the research.