Microgrid Demonstration Project - Final Project Report

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Publication Number: CEC-500-2014-045
Report Date: December 2012

Development of Steam Hydrogasification Process Demonstration Unit-5 LBHR PDU Design Report
Final Project Report. (PDF file, 71 pages, 735 kb).



A micro grid is a network of generators linked together to serve buildings with electricity; some systems also provide heating and cooling. One advantage of a micro grid is reliability. A micro grid can operate while connected to the main utility grid and it can immediately disconnect if the power goes out. The microgrid still provides some electricity, heat, and cooling even when isolated from the utility. A microgrid can also offer customers higher quality power. The system can disconnect whenever the main grid’s power quality threatens the stable operation of sensitive equipment such as computers and other electronics.

This research demonstrated a microgrid at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. The project involved the design, construction, and demonstration of a microgrid based on combined heat and power technology. The microgrid was integrated with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s central heating and cooling equipment, including a chilled‐water storage tank. A fast‐response static switch enabled the microgrid to isolate itself from the grid without electrical disturbances on either side and then reconnect when the utility restored high‐quality power. The project also included plans for commissioning the microgrid, monitoring its operation, analyzing the market for similar systems and disseminating research results.

Researchers planned to document any abnormal events and corrective actions taken once the microgrid is operating, as well as to explain what the data say about the microgrid’s performance. Researchers also intended to develop a plan to transfer the microgrid technology to key decision‐makers and the general public, and to implement a focused marketing program to educate customers in all market sectors about the benefits of combined heat and power.