Advanced Integrated Systems Technology Development
Personal Comfort Systems And Radiant Slab Systems

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Publication Number: CEC-500-2016-068
Report Date: December 2016

Advanced Integrated Systems Technology Development, Personal Comfort Systems And Radiant Slab Systems - Final Project Report. (PDF file, 143 pages, 6.2 mb).




California's call for radical improvements in building energy efficiency requirements is prompting an integrated approach to designing the indoor environment. This approach implements new technologies; new ways of operating buildings; new tools for design, commissioning, and monitoring; and a new understanding of what comprises a comfortable and productive indoor environment. This project focused on two promising space conditioning technologies—personal comfort systems and radiant heating and cooling. Both systems, parts of a previous California Energy Commission project by UC Berkeley's Center for the Built Environment, showed significant potential in improving traditional levels of energy efficiency and increasing occupant satisfaction and thermal comfort.

The research generated these findings and recommendations: