California Energy Commission Letterhead

Notice of Intent to Release 15-Day Language
and Postpone Adoption of Proposed Amendments to

California Home Energy Rating System Program Regulations
California Code of Regulations, Title 20, Sections 1670 to 1675

This is a supplemental notice to the October 3, 2008, Notice of Proposed Adoption (NOPA) regarding the proposed amendments to the California Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Program regulations. The NOPA stated that the Energy Commission would hold a public hearing on November 19, 2008, for consideration and possible adoption of the proposed amendments (45-Day Language Express Terms).

The NOPA also stated that if the Energy Efficiency Committee decides to make modifications to the 45-Day Language in response to public comments, this hearing will be continued to a subsequently noticed date and the full modified text with changes clearly indicated will be made available to the public at least 15 days before the subsequently noticed hearing. In response to public comments, the Energy Efficiency Committee has decided to modify the 45-Day Language through issuance of 15-Day Language. Therefore, the Commission will take no action on the 45-Day Language at its November 20, 2008 Business Meeting (rescheduled from the November 19, 2008 date).

The Energy Commission will continue the HERS rulemaking proceeding to a subsequently noticed date to allow for publication and public review of the 15-Day Language. The Commission will release a separate notice at a later date regarding the availability of 15-Day Language and the date when the Commission will consider adoption of the amendments to the HERS Program regulations. The Commission anticipates that the 15-Day Language will be proposed for consideration and adoption at the December 17, 2008 Business Meeting.