AB 1632 Nuclear Assessment Scientific Studies & Reports On Nuclear Energy

Scientific Studies and Reports

  1. Reports on power generation life cycle costs

    1. Comparative Costs of California Central Station Electricity Generation Technologies, CEC-200-2007-011-SF, California Energy Commission, 2007. (PDF file)

    2. Scenario-Based Assessment of Resource Plans Predicated on Large Penetration of Preferred Resources, CEC-100-2007-002-SD, California Energy Commission, 2007. (PDF file)

    3. Alternatives to the Indian Point Energy Center for Meeting New York Electric Power Needs, National Academies, 2006.

    4. 2007 Environmental Performance Report of California's Electricial Generating System, CEC-700-2007-016-SF, California Energy Commission, 2008.

  2. Reports on the nuclear labor market

    1. NRC and U.S. Department of Labor reports, data, and presentations on the supply-demand balance in the nuclear plant labor market.

    2. Leonard Bond, Kevin Kostelnik, and Richard Holman, Addressing the Workforce Pipeline Challenge, ANS Winter Meeting and Nuclear Technology Expo, INL/CON-06-11700 November 2006.

  3. NRC reports and decisions related to reactor and spent fuel storage security

    1. Docket 72-26: Diablo Canyon dry cask storage licensing.

    2. State of Massachusetts and State of California petitions for rulemaking PRM 51-10 and PRM 51-12: Environmental impact assessments of spent fuel storage (including impacts of sabotage).

Background Documents

Assembly Bill 1632.
(PDF file, 3 pages, 76 kilobytes)

Integrated Energy Policy Reports (2003-2007)

Nuclear Power in California: 2007 Status Report - FINAL Consultant Report, publication # CEC-100-2007-005-F. October 17, 2007.
(PDF file, 332 pages, 4.4 megabytes)

Nuclear Power in California: 2005 Status Report - FINAL Consultant Report, publication # CEC-100-2006-001-F. March 7, 2006.
(PDF file, 148 pages, 2.7 megabytes)

Proceeding Information

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