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Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission

2003 Rulemaking on
Appliance Efficiency Regulations
    Docket No. 03-AAER-1


Update of Appliance Efficiency Regulations
Notice of Committee Workshop and
Availability of Staff Documents

The Energy Efficiency Committee (Commissioner Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, Presiding Member, and Commissioner Arthur H. Rosenfeld, Associate Member) will conduct a workshop to receive comments on possible updates of the Appliance Efficiency Regulations. The public is invited to attend the workshop, which will be held on:

THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2004
10:00 a.m.

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2004
9:00 a.m.
1516 Ninth Street
Hearing Room A
Sacramento, California
(Wheelchair Accessible)


On June 25, 2003, the Energy Commission approved an Order Instituting Rulemaking to consider updates to the Appliance Efficiency Regulations and delegated the conduct of the proceeding to its Efficiency Committee. Following the direction of the Efficiency Committee, Energy Commission staff has prepared two documents for consideration. The documents which are available on the Energy Commission's website at www.energy.ca.gov/appliances/documents/index.html, are titled:

Preliminary Staff Working Draft
Proposed Amendments to Appliance Efficiency Regulations


Update of Appliance Efficiency Regulations
Preliminary Draft Staff Report

The Preliminary Staff Working Draft includes preliminary drafts of proposed regulations (some including efficiency standards and others including testing and reporting requirements without efficiency standards) for the following appliances:


  • Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers with Doors
  • Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers without Doors
  • Walk-In Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Refrigerated Bottled and Canned Beverage Vending Machines
  • Automatic Commercial Ice Makers
  • Water Dispensers
  • Large Packaged Air-Cooled Commercial Air Conditioners (240,000 — 760,000 Btu/Hour)
  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Whole House Fans
  • Residential Exhaust Fans
  • Portable Room Air Cleaners
  • Residential Air Handler Fans
  • Unit Heaters and Duct Furnaces

  • Residential Pool Pumps
  • Portable Electric Spas
  • Dishwasher Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
  • General Service Incandescent Lamps
  • Incandescent Reflector Lamps
  • Traffic Signal Modules for Pedestrian Control
  • Luminaires for Metal Halide Lamps
  • Under-Cabinet Fluorescent Luminaires
  • Commercial Hot Food Holding Cabinets
  • External Power Supplies
  • Audio and Video Equipment

The Preliminary Draft Staff Report discusses technical feasibility, cost effectiveness, and other matters relevant to the proposed regulations.

Petition for Clothes Washers

In February 2002, the Energy Commission adopted energy efficiency and water efficiency standards for commercial clothes washers. The energy efficiency standards are scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2005, and the water efficiency standards on January 1, 2007. On February 9, 2004, the California Multi-Housing Laundry Association (CMLA) filed a petition to repeal these regulations. While expressing no views on the merits of the petition, the Energy Commission granted the petition and instructed the Efficiency Committee to consider the issues raised by CMLA. The Preliminary Draft Staff Report explains the reasons why staff recommends that the Energy Commission make no changes to the standards for commercial clothes washers. There will be an opportunity on the second day of the workshop (May 28) for additional public written or oral comments related to this issue.

Public Participation

The Energy Commission encourages full public participation. Any person present at any hearing or workshop shall be afforded an opportunity to make oral comments on the subject matter of the proceeding.

All written comments shall be addressed to:

Docket No. 03-AAER-1
California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, Mail Station 4
Sacramento, California 95814-5512

Twelve paper copies and one electronic copy of all written materials shall be provided unless it would impose an undue hardship.

Please also send one electronic copy to [mmartin@energy.state.ca.us].

The Energy Commission's Public Adviser, Margret J. Kim, is available to help any person who wants to participate in this proceeding. Please call (916) 654-4489 or toll-free in California at (800) 822-6288, or write to [pao@energy.state.ca.us]. If you have a disability and require assistance to participate in this workshop, please contact Lou Quiroz at (916) 654-5146 at least five days in advance.

Any person wishing to be informed about details of the proceeding may request to be added to the Energy Commission's mailing list by contacting:

Linda Franklin
(916) 654-4064

If you have questions on the technical questions of the subject matter of this notice, please call R. Michael Martin at (916) 654-4039 or by e-mail at [mmartin@energy.state.ca.us]. News media inquiries should be directed to Claudia Chandler, Assistant Executive Director, at (916) 654-4989.


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