Documents page for Battery Charger Systems and
Self-Contained Lighting Controls Rulemaking

Phase II on Appliance Efficiency Regulations
Docket # 11-AAER-2

Workshops & Meetings

October 23, 2012
Staff Workshop Re: Technical Assistance in Certifying Battery Charger Systems and Self Contained Lighting Controls

January 12, 2012
Adoption Hearing -

15-Day Language

45-Day Language

Supporting Documents

Proposed Efficiency Standards for Battery Chargers and Lighting Controls, Draft Staff Report - March 2011. (PDF file, 60 pages, 655 kb)

Analysis of Standards Options for Battery Charger Systems - May 31, 2011. (PDF file, 12 pages, 459 kb)

Reference Documents

Note: previous documents about the Battery Chargers proceeding are on the Pre-Rulemaking page.