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In the Matter of:

Informal Proceeding to Decertify Appliance
Turbo Air commercial refrigerator models

Docket No. 10-RADB-01


Notice of Informal Proceeding
to Decertify Appliance

The Efficiency Committee of the California Energy Commission will conduct an informal public proceeding to remove Turbo Air commercial refrigerator models #TSR-23SD and TUR-28SD from the Energy Commission's database of certified appliances. Commissioner Anthony Eggert is the Presiding Member, and Commissioner Jeffrey D. Byron is the Associate Member, of the Committee.

The hearing will be held:

MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010
9:30 a.m.
1516 Ninth Street
First Floor, Hearing Room B
Sacramento, California
(Wheelchair Accessible)


The hearing will be undertaken according to Section 1608, subdivision (e)(2)(C) of Title 20 of the California Code of Regulations1 for the purpose of determining whether the mean energy consumption of two separate units of commercial refrigerator models TSR-23SD and TUR-28SD, manufactured by Turbo Air, Inc., exceed the applicable maximum daily energy consumption standard set forth in Section 1605.3, Table A-9. If the Committee determines that such models do exceed the applicable standards, the matter will be placed on the agenda of an Energy Commission Business Meeting, requesting that the Energy Commission authorize the Executive Director to remove the appliances from the Energy Commission's database of certified appliances. Per Section 1605.3, subdivision (e)(2)(C), the Energy Commission has elected to utilize the informal hearing procedure set forth in Sections 11445.10 - 11445.60 of the California Government Code.

1 All references to section numbers are to Title 20 of the California Code of Regulations.


Section 1608, subdivision (a), prohibits the sale or offer for sale in California of an appliance that does not appear in the Energy Commission's appliance database (paragraph (1)) or does not comply with the applicable standard under Section 1605.3 (paragraph (4)). Subdivision (e) of Section 1608 authorizes the Executive Director to periodically test appliances sold or offered for sale in the state. If the initial test result indicates that the energy consumption of the tested unit is greater than that permitted by an applicable standard in Section 1605.3, a second test on a second unit is performed. If the results of the first and second tests show a mean energy consumption that is greater than that allowed by an applicable standard in Section 1605.3, the Energy Commission shall undertake an informal proceeding to confirm that determination. Upon that confirmation, the Executive Director shall remove the appliance from the database.

In December of 2009, Staff, pursuant to delegation from the Executive Director, had BR Laboratories, Inc., test three models of reach-in commercial refrigerators manufactured by Turbo Air, Inc. The maximum daily energy consumption standard (in kilowatt hours or kWh) for such appliances, manufactured between January 1, 2007 and January 1, 2010, is found in Section 1605.3, Table A-9, and is 0.10 x measured volume (V) + 2.04. The results of those tests are reflected below:

Model #Month/Year ManufacturedMeasured volume (Cu Ft)Tested Daily Energy Use (kWh per day)Maximum energy consumptionPass / Fail
TSR-23SDJuly 200819.35.1053.97Fail
TSR-49SDJuly 200944.05.1796.44Pass
TUR-28SDJune 20097.03.6122.74Fail

Staff informed Turbo Air of the results and instructed BR Labs to conduct a second test on second units of models TSR-23SD and TUR-28SD. Those tests were done in February of 2010, and the results are reflected below:

Model #Month/Year ManufacturedMeasured volume (Cu Ft)Tested Daily Energy Use (kWh per day)Maximum energy consumptionPass / Fail
TSR-23SDMay 200919.33.1323.97Pass
TUR-28SDJune 20097.03.4652.74Fail

The mean of the two tests for TSR-23SD and TUR-28SD were calculated, and the results are reflected below, as well as the energy consumption reported by Turbo Air in their certification:

Model#Mean of tested daily energy useMaximum energy consumptionPass / FailEnergy use as certified by Turbo Air

Turbo Air was informed of the results of the second test and calculated mean, and that a proceeding would be commenced to remove the two models from the Energy Commission's database of appliances.

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Date: April 15, 2010

commissioner signature
Anthony Eggert
Commissioner and Presiding Member
Efficiency Committee

commissioner signature
Jeffrey D. Byron
Commissioner and Associate Member
Efficiency Committee