2016 California Vehicle Survey

An important part of the mission of the California Energy Commission is providing reliable access to different forms of energy in order to meet the needs of California consumers and businesses. The Commission generates a forecast of the future fuel needs of Californians, and we need to better understand the changing preferences of California consumers. In other words, we need YOUR INPUT!

That’s why the California Energy Commission, in partnership with the Resource Systems Group (RGS), has developed the California Vehicle Survey (CVS). In Summer & Fall of 2016, households and businesses will be randomly selected for the opportunity to complete a survey of the vehicles they own and plan to purchase.

What Does the Survey Involve?

What is the Survey Used For?

With information from this survey, planners, energy suppliers and policy makers across the state are better able to anticipate the ever-changing needs of you and your fellow California vehicle owners.

So, check your mailbox! Participants this survey are an essential part of improving the transportation choices and experience across the state. To learn more about the survey, and the answers to the frequently asked questions, please visit the survey website at cavehiclesurvey.org.

For more information contact:

Aniss Bahreinian, Project Manager
Transportation Energy Forecasting Unit
Demand Analysis Office
Energy Assessment Division
Phone: 916-653-0381
Email: aniss.bahreinian@energy.ca.gov