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Docket # 2010-BAP-01

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March 23, 2011
Proposed Adoption of the 2011 Bioenergy Action Plan at the Energy Commission Business Meeting

December 14, 2010
Staff workshop on Draft 2011 Bioenergy Action Plan

June 3, 2010
Staff Workshop on Preparation of the 2010 Bioenergy Action Plan

Committee Scoping Order

Background Documents

Permit Guidance for Anaerobic Digesters and Co-Digester Manual

California Environmental Protection Agency Staff Report
Dated September 16, 2011 (PDF, 104 pages, 1.3 MB)

picture of report cover

2009 Progress to Plan - Bioenergy Action Plan for California Staff Report

Publication # CEC-500-2010-007, posted: April 15, 2010. (PDF file, 57 pages, 759 kilobytes)

picture of cover of report

2007 Bioenergy Action Plan for California - Progress to Plan

Publication # CEC-100-2007-006, posted: July 13, 2007. (PDF file, 23 pages, 361 kilobytes)


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2006 Bioenergy Action Plan for California (Final Report)

Publication number CEC-600-2006-010. (Acrobat PDF, 11 pages, 2.1 MB, Please note size.)

Documents for the 2006 Bioenergy Action Plan

"California Bioenergy Action Plan," presentation by James D. Boyd, Commissioner California Energy Commission and Chair Bioenergy Interagency Working Group at the Regional Forum on Biofuels, Fresno, California, May 30, 2006. (PDF file, 14 pages, 222 kb)

Recommendations for a Bioenergy Action Plan for California, FINAL Working Group Report. Publication # CEC-600-2006-004-F, posted: April 10, 2006. (PDF file, 56 pages, 2 MB)
( Microsoft Word version, 56 pages, 856 kb)

APPENDIX A: Technical Addendum to Publication # CEC-600-2006-004-F titled "Value Networks for Biomass Power and Biofuels...", publication # CEC-600-2006-004-APA, posted: April 17, 2006. (PDF file, 102 pages, 1.6 megabytes - note size!)

Note: The original 2006 Bioenergy Action Plan proceeding documents under docket # 06-BAP-1 are on the Energy Archive website.