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California Energy Commission
Business Meeting

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

1516 Ninth Street
Hearing Room A, First Floor
Sacramento, California 95814
10 a.m.
(Wheelchair Accessible)


  1. CONSENT CALENDAR. (Items on the Consent Calendar will be taken up and voted on as a group. A Commissioner may request that an item be discussed and moved to later on the agenda)

    1. COMMISSION CO-SPONSORSHIP. Possible approval of a co-sponsorship request for which the Energy Commission might provide the use of its name, up to $5,000, participate in workshops and discussions, and the participation of Commissioner as a keynote speaker.

      - Arrowhead Symposium on Transportation-Land Use-Environmental Connection, October, 19-21, 2003, Lake Arrowhead, California.

      - Border Energy Forum, October 23-24, 2003, Austin, Texas.

    2. CALIFORNIA WIND ENERGY COLLABORATIVE. Possible approval of Work Authorization #MR-017 under PIER Research Agreement 500-02-004, not to exceed $328,092 to support the work and activities for establishing the California Wind Energy Collaborative.

    3. CALCERTS. Possible approval to certify CalCERTS as an approved provider of field verification and diagnostic testing services for demonstrating compliance with Title 24 building performance standards.

    4. LOWER EMISSION SCHOOL BUS PROGRAM. Possible approval to enter into Contracts with public school districts to continue cost sharing of the purchase of new school buses and infrastructure. This program is funded by the California Air Resources Board (Agreement 500-00-017) in the amount of ~$1.6 million and is a continuation of an existing program.

  1. RECONCILIATION OF RETAILER CLAIMS, 2002 REPORT. Possible approval of the SB 1305 (Public Utilities Code Section 398.5(e)) report, "Reconciliation of Retailer Claims, 2002," which requires the Energy Commission to annually prepare and submit a report to the California Public Utilities Commission about retail power source claims made to consumers. The Draft Report is available via the Commissionís Web Site or by contacting Jason J. Orta. Contact: Jason J. Orta, (916) 653-5851. (15 minutes)

  2. VALERO REFINERY COMPANY. Possible approval of a petition from the Valero Refinery Company ≠ California to extend the on-line date for Phase 2 of the Valero Cogeneration Project to November 1, 2005. The extension will allow Valero time to reconsider the viability of Phase 2 due to the uncertainty of the electricity market. Contact: Jeri Scott, (916) 654-4228. (15 minutes)

  3. EAST ALTAMONT ENERGY CENTER (01-AFC-4). Consideration of any petitions for reconsideration filed pursuant to Public Resources Code section 25530. Contact: Major Williams, (916) 653-6110. (30 minutes)

  4. REPORT TO LEGISLATURE (SB 284). Possible approval of the Commissionís Recommended Report to the Legislature, mandated by Senate Bill 284, regarding the Best Design Practices for All New Public Schools. Contact: Gary Flamm, (916) 654-2817. (15 minutes)

  5. RENEWABLE PORTFOLIO STANDARD IMPLEMENTATION. Possible adoption of Decision on Phase 2 Implementation Issues Final Committee Report (Pub No 500-03-049FD). (Available on-line at: www.energy.ca.gov/portfolio/documents/index/html). The RPS Phase 2 implementation issues are distribution of supplemental energy payments, certification of renewable electricity generation facilities, and development of an accounting system for the Renewable Portfolio Standard. Contact: Tim Tutt, (916) 654-4590. (15 minutes)

  6. ENERGY CONSERVATION ASSISTANCE ACT ACCOUNT (Bond Funds). Possible approval of a $2,000,000 loan to the Irvine Valley College to install energy efficient lights, HVAC systems, controls and photo voltaic panels. This project is estimated to save about $200,000 annually in reduced energy cost and has a simple payback of 10-years. Contact: Ram Verma, (916) 654-8435. (15 minutes)

  7. ENERGY CONSERVATION ASSISTANCE ACT ACCOUNT. Possible approval of a $203,491 loan to Gateway Hospital and Mental Health Center to install energy efficient lights, HVAC systems and controls. This project is estimated to save about $25,061 annually in reduced energy cost and has a simple payback of 8-years. Contact: Ram Verma, (916) 654-8435. (15 minutes)

  8. ENERGY CONSERVATION ASSISTANCE ACT ACCOUNT (Bond Funds). Possible approval of a loan to the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District for $175,000 to install a 77-kilowatt photovoltaic solar system on the Districtís building roof. This project is estimated to save about $17,500 annually and has a simple payback of 10-years. Contact: Joseph Wang, (916) 654-4026. (15 minutes)

  9. ENERGY CONSERVATION ASSISTANCE ACT ACCOUNT (Bond Funds). Possible approval of a loan to the city of Escondido for $1,107,890 to install a 150-ton natural gas engine driven chiller system at the California Center for the Art building complex. This project is estimated to save about $110,789 annually and has a simple payback of 10- years. Contact: Joseph Wang, (916) 654-4026. (15 minutes)

  10. 2005 BUILDING ENERGY EFFICIENCY STANDARDS. Commission continuation of the adoption hearing for the 2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards to November 5, 2003 to allow for publication of 15-Day Language; however, no decision will be made, but comments may be received. Contact: Bill Pennington, (916) 654-4008. (15 minutes)

  11. ENERGETICS INCORPORATED. Possible approval of Contract 500-03-010 for $42,992 to develop a roadmap report for petroleum refineries in California. (DOE funded) Contact: Rajesh Kapoor, (916) 654-4611. (15 minutes)

  12. REFLECTIVE ENERGIES. Possible approval of Contract 500-03-012 for $710,000 to do follow-on work to the existing Reflective Energies Contract (500-00-013), to further improve interconnect standards for distributed generation. (PIER funded) Contact: David Michel, (916) 651-9864. (15 minutes)

  13. NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY LABORATORY (NREL). Possible approval of Contract 500-03-011 for $1,614,491 to develop a universal interconnection device, study the effects of unbalanced loading of distributed generation (DG) on voltage regulation, model anti-islanding effects of DG and evaluate innovative rate designs for DG. (PIER funded) Contact: Mark Rawson, (916) 654-4671. (15 minutes)

  14. M.CUBED. Possible approval of Contract 500-03-009 for $595,647 to establish a "test bed" to demonstrate and measure the impacts of actual distributed energy resources on a distribution system. (PIER funded) Contact: David Michel, (916) 651-9864. (15 minutes)

  15. Minutes

    Approval of Minutes from the September 9, 2003 meeting.

  16. Commission Committee and Oversight

    A discussion on Commission Committee and Oversight matters may be held.

  17. Chief Counsel's Report

    The Commission may adjourn to closed session with its legal counsel to determine whether facts and circumstances exist that warrant the initiation of litigation [Government Code section 11126(e)(3)] or whether facts and circumstances exist that constitute a significant exposure to litigation against the Commission [Government Code section 11126(e)(2)].

  18. Executive Director's Report

    Closed session may be held on personnel matters.
    [Authority: Government Code, Section 11126(a).]

  19. Public Adviser's Report

  20. Public Comment

    People may speak up to five minutes on any matter concerning the Commission.

    The Commission may recess the meeting and continue it later for purposes of a general discussion of Commission internal organization and policy. No action will be taken at such a continued session. The Commission will announce whether it plans to continue the meeting in this manner and the time and location at the end of Item 21.

    If you require special accommodations, contact Lourdes Quiroz at (916) 654-5146, five days prior to the meeting.

    News media inquiries should be directed to:
    Claudia Chandler, Assistant Director -- (916) 654-4989

    Questions about participation in the Business Meeting should be directed to:
    Margaret J. Kim, Public Adviser -- (916) 654-4489 or (800) 822-6228

Should you wish to participate via telephone, call toll free 1-888-823-5065 on Business Meeting days after 10:01 a.m. (PDT). When asked, please answer "Business Meeting and Mr. Jerome Lee" and the operator will connect you into the meeting. Should you want to speak on a specific item, please inform the operator that you want to speak and the item number.

To reduce paper and mailing costs, the Energy Commission offers an automated e-mail system to alert you about Business Meeting agendas on the Internet. To subscribe via e-mail, please go to our site [www.energy.ca.gov/listservers/]. Those subscribing to the e-mail may wish to discontinue receiving agendas by U.S. Mail. To remove your name from the mailing list, send the mailing label on the envelope to: California Energy Commission, 1516 9th St., MS 38, Sacramento, CA, 95814 and ask that your name be deleted or e-mail [bmccann@energy.state.ca.us] and request that your name be removed from List 15. Please include the number that is located on the upper left corner of the mailing label.

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