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California Energy Commission
Business Meeting

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

1516 Ninth Street
Hearing Room A, First Floor
Sacramento, California 95814
10 a.m.
(Wheelchair Accessible)

Note: Audio from this meeting will be broadcast over the Internet.
Please see information at: www.energy.ca.gov/realaudio/.


  1. CONSENT CALENDAR. (Items on the Consent Calendar will be taken up and voted on as a group. A Commissioner may request that an item be discussed and moved to later on the agenda).

    1. AMERICAN COUNCIL FOR AN ENERGY-EFFICIENT ECONOMY. Possible approval of Contract 500-03-029 for $15,000 for a co-sponsorship agreement with the ACEEE for the 2004 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. (PIER funded) Contact: Nancy Jenkins, (916) 654-4739.

    2. CALIFORNIA AIR RESOURCES BOARD (ARB). Possible approval of Contract 500-03-027 for $25,000 for a co-sponsorship agreement for the Haagen-Smit Symposium on Climate Change. (PIER funded) Contact: Kelly Birkinshaw, (916) 654-4542.

    3. ELK HILLS POWER PROJECT (99-AFC-1C). Possible approval of a petition to reduce PM10 emission rates. Contact: Nancy Tronaas, (916) 654-3864.

    4. YOLANDA S. WALTHER-MEADE. Possible approval of Contract 600-01-090 Amendment 3, for a no-cost time extension to March 31, 2004. This action is required because of leadership changes in Mexican State governments over the last eight months, which delayed planned educational seminars, energy audits and planning meetings. Contact: Tim Olson, (916) 654-4528.

    5. DESERT RESEARCH INSTITUTE. Possible approval of Work Authorization MR-027, under Contract 500-02-004 to enhance work already done by Scripps by installing and maintaining additional modern wireless meteorological and hydrological monitoring sites at other key locations and/or additional sensors that sample additional monitoring variables, not to exceed $399,918. (PIER funded) Contact: Guido Franco, (916) 654-3940. (5 minutes)

    6. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS. Possible approval of Work Authorization MR-028, under Contract 500-02-004 to administer the formation of the California Solar Energy Collaboration, not to exceed $400,000. (PIER funded) Contact: George Simons, (916) 654-4659. (15 minutes)

  2. LOS ESTEROS 2 POWER PLANT PROJECT. Possible approval of the Executive Director's data adequacy recommendation for the Los Esteros 2 Power Plant Project Application for Certification (Docket No. 2-AFC-03). Contact: Bob Worl, (916) 651-8853. (5 minutes)

  3. LOS ESTEROS 2 POWER PLANT PROJECT COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENT. Possible approval of a Committee Assignment for Los Esteros 2 Power Plant Project Application for Certification. (Docket No. 2-AFC-03) Contact: Bob Worl, (916) 651-8853. (5 minutes)

  4. COUNTY OF NAPA. Possible approval of $800,000 loan to the county of Napa to install energy efficient motors, energy efficient lighting, two 75-kilowatt cogeneration units, a plate and frame heat exchanger and variable frequency drives on the building supply, exhaust and cooling tower fans. The project is estimated to save $85,000 per year and has a payback of 9.4 years. (ECAA Bond funded) Contact: Bradley Meister, (916) 653-1594. (5 minutes)

  5. CITY OF FRESNO. Possible approval of a $2,661,000 loan to the city of Fresno to install two photovoltaic systems totaling 665-kilowatt, variable speed drives on HVAC fans, and energy efficiency lighting and boiler, and to recommend HVAC controls at the City Hall and Maintenance & Services Building. This project is estimated to save about $282,000 annually and has a simple payback of 9.4 years. ($2,072,545-ECAA Bond funded and $588,455 ECAA funded) Contact: Tony Wong, (916) 654-4015. (5 minutes)

  6. 2003 ANNUAL REPORT. Possible adoption of the 2003 Annual Report for the Public Interest Energy Research Program. Contact: Gary Klein, (916) 653-8555. (5 minutes)

  7. WESTERN GOVERNOR'S ASSOCIATION. Possible approval of Contract R150-03-002 to provide the first increment of funding ($15,000) from WGA to the Commission for planning and preparation for transuranic waste shipments in California. The Department of Energy (DOE) has approved a nine-month annual planning figure of $187,500 for Federal Year 2004 to be provided in funding increments. As these funding increments are received from DOE, WGA will forward them to the Commission throughout their FY 2004 by contract modification until the total $187,500 is received. As these funding increments are received from WGA, they will appear on the Consent Calendar. (DOE funded) Contact: Barbara Byron, (916) 654-4976. (5 minutes)

  8. GOVERNOR'S OFFICE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES. Possible approval of Contract 150-03-003 to provide the first increment of funding ($12,000), up to a total of $143,000 to continue emergency response preparation for federal transuranic waste shipments in California. As additional funds are received from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Western Governors' Association (WGA) to the Commission, further funding increments will be provided throughout the FY 2004 and are being approved contingent upon receipt of funds. (DOE and WGA funded) Contact: Barbara Byron, (916) 654-4976. (5 minutes)

  9. CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL (CHP), COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SECTION. Possible approval of Contract 150-03-004 for $25,000 to provide funding to the CHP to reimburse expenses for inspecting and/or escorting shipments of transuranic nuclear waste in California. This contract is being approved contingent upon receipt of funds. (DOE and WGA funded) Contact: Barbara Byron, (916) 654-4976. (5 minutes)

  10. BUILDING INDUSTRY INSTITUTE. Possible approval of Contract 400-03-006 for $158,000 to provide information and training on the current 2001 and upcoming 2005 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards to large production builders and local building departments. (DOE funded) Contact: Melinda Rogers, (916) 653-7963. (5 minutes)

  11. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SYSTEMS CONSULTING. Possible approval of Contract 500-00-016 Amendment 1, to add $345,000 and expand research begun under Contract 500-00-016. This expansion will demonstrate using intelligent software agents for control and scheduling of one or more distributed energy resources (DER) in conjunction with building energy management systems. This will give building managers an integrated solution to choose using load reduction strategies, on site generation or a combination of the two to respond to price signals and alerts. (PIER funded) Contact: Jamie Patterson, (916) 657-4819. (5 minutes)

  12. URENCO POWER TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED. Possible approval of Contract 500-03-033 for $891,000 to demonstrate the benefits of using a 400-kilowatt flywheel system for electric energy storage to reduce peak demand, capture wasted energy and lower overall electricity costs for transportation systems such as light rail systems in California. (PIER funded) Contact: Pramod Kulkarni, (916) 654-4637. (5 minutes)

  13. REGENTS OF UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS. Possible approval of Contract 500-01-044 Amendment 1, to augment the contract by $1,000,000 and extend the time by two and one half years to June 30, 2007. This contract manages a research program to improve our understanding of the effects of pulsed or ramping flows from hydropower facilities on aquatic species and to improve our ability to reduce negative effects of such flows while minimizing unnecessary curtailment of hydropower generation. (PIER funded) Contact: Joe O'Hagan, (916) 653-1651. (5 minutes)

  14. REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA CRUZ. Possible approval of Contract 500-01-032 Amendment 1, to augment the research program by $1,999,949. The contract is to conduct research identified in several PIER-EA roadmaps to reduce avian interactions with utility structures, improve reliability and remove barriers to expanding wind industry needed to meet the RPS. The program has successfully partnered with wind industry, utilities and government agencies, is consistent with objectives identified in the 2001 and 2003 EPR and is supported by the Siting Division and Fish and Wildlife Service. (PIER funded) Contact: Linda Spiegel, (916) 654-4703. (5 minutes)

  15. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT/CIEE. Possible approval of Contract 500-01-043 Amendment 1, to add $2,500,000 and fund additional work under the tasks, Demand Response (DR) Enabling Technology Development project, and Control and Communications Integration (C2I). (PIER funded) Contact: Laurie ten Hope, (916) 654-5045. (5 minutes)

  16. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO, SCRIPPS INSTITUTION. Possible approval of Work Authorization MR-025, under Contract 500-02-004 to continue to their research program designed to improve our scientific understanding of the potential changes of climate in California, not to exceed $3,526,732. Several new avenues of research will be pursued, such as the study of the effect of land use changes on climate. Contact: Guido Franco, (916) 654-3940. (5 minutes)

  17. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE. Possible approval of Work Authorization MR-026, under Contract 500-02-004 to administer the air quality research program, not to exceed $3,512,279. The total cost for this initial project to fund two years of program administration and one year research will not exceed $3,512,279. (PIER funded) Contact: Guido Franco, (916) 654-3940. (5 minutes)

  18. DISTRIBUTED UTILITY ASSOCIATES. Possible approval of Contract 500-03-034 for $2,976,437 to test the feasibility and value of co-location and integration of multiple, diverse distributed energy resources (DER) into the low voltage electricity distribution system. (PIER funded) Contact: David Michel, (916) 651-9864. (5 minutes)

  19. TRUSTEES OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY (CSU). Possible approval of Contract 500-98-014 Amendment 3, for $3,000,000 to continue the Energy Innovations Small Grant Program. (PIER funded) Contact: Alec Jenkins, (916) 654-4597. (5 minutes)

  20. TRUSTEES OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY (CSU). Possible approval of ten grant applications totaling $749,083 to the Energy Innovations Small Grant Program in response to Solicitation Cycle 03-02. (PIER funded) Contact Alec Jenkins, (916) 654-4597. (5 minutes)

    1. 03-02-53, Rutgers University, New Membranes Based on Ionic Liquids for High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells, $75,000

    2. 03-02-47, Amonix, Innovative Injection-Molded Plastic Package For High-Concentration PV Cells, $75,000

    3. 03-02-31, University of Illinois, A Zero Current Ripple, Energy Efficient and Reliable Low Cost Residential and Commercial Zero Emission Direct Power-Conversion System, $74,999

    4. 03-02-50, SunPower Corporation, Flat-Plate Micro-Dish Photovoltaic Concentrator Module, $74,985

    5. 03-02-03, Davis Energy Group, Inc., Covell Village - A Model for Substainable Communities, $74,965

    6. 03-02-49, Taylor Energy, LLC, Biomass-to-Syngas, Novel Low-Cost counter-Current Process, $74,908

    7. 03-02-46, Markron Technologies, Innovative Wheel Concept to Increase Gas Turbine Efficiency, $75,000

    8. 03-02-36, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The DaySwitch, $75,000

    9. 03-02-24, Choson Research Corp., A New Physical Water Treatment Technology for Energy-Efficient Water-Cooled Air Conditioning Systems, $74,290

    10. 03-02-44, Intertec Advanced Materials, Inc., High Efficiency Lanthanide Doped Ceria-Zirconia Layered Hybrid Electrode for SOFC Generators, $74,936

  21. POWERLIGHT CORPORATION. Possible approval of Contract 500-03-035 for $1,214,389 to research, develop and demonstrate an advanced tracking system for photovoltaics. (PIER funded) Contact: George Simons, (916) 654-4659. (5 minutes)

  22. CALIFORNIA'S ELECTRICITY SYSTEM. Possible adoption of the findings on the Cost of Integrating Renewables into California's electricity system. The Renewables Committee held a workshop on this issue on February 20, 2004 to receive public comments. Contact: George Simons, (916) 654-4659. (5 minutes)

  23. CLEAN ENERGY SYSTEMS, INC. Possible approval of Contract 500-01-013 Amendment 3, for $2,000,000 to demonstrate the durability and reliability of a 5-megawatt, zero-emission, gas-fired power plant using CES technology. Under the existing contract, CES has designed and build control systems for a 10-megawatt gas generator, with the intent of testing it generating 500-kilowatts of electricity at Mirant's Contra Costa power plant in Antioch, California. This is no longer possible because Mirant is in bankruptcy. This amendment will enable the system to be tested driving a 5-megawatt steam turbo-generator at CES' recently-acquired Kimberlina power plant near Bakersfield, California. The test at 5-megawatts reduces technical risk, saves at least one year before commercialization and has captured the interest of electricity generators for commercial implementation. (PIER funded) Contact: John Beyer, (916) 654-4609. (5 minutes)

  24. Minutes

    Approval of minutes from the March 3, 2004 business meeting.

  25. Commission Committee and Oversight

    A discussion on Commission Committee and Oversight matters may be held.

  26. Chief Counsel's Report

    The Commission may adjourn to a closed session with its legal counsel to determine whether facts and circumstances exist that warrant the initiation of litigation [Government Code section 11126(e)(3)] or whether facts and circumstances exist that constitute a significant exposure to litigation against the Commission [Government Code section 11126(e)(2)].

  27. Executive Director's Report

    Closed session may be held on personnel matters.

  28. [Authority: Government Code, Section 11126(a).]

  29. Public Adviser's Report

  30. Public Comment

    People may speak up to five minutes on any matter concerning the Commission.

The Commission may recess the meeting and continue it later for purposes of a general discussion of Commission internal organization and policy. No action will be taken at such a continued session. The Commission will announce whether it plans to continue the meeting in this manner and the time and location at the end of Item 29.

If you require special accommodations, contact Lourdes Quiroz at (916) 654-5146, five days prior to the meeting.

News media inquiries should be directed to:
Claudia Chandler, Assistant Director -- (916) 654-4989

Questions about participation in the Business Meeting should be directed to:
Margret Kim, Public Adviser -- (916) 654-4489 or (800) 822-6228

Please note that time estimates provided for each item are approximate and that the order of the agenda may be re-arranged by the Chair. Persons interested in any agenda item should plan to attend or monitor the meeting from the beginning of the meeting.

Should you wish to participate via telephone, call toll free 1-888-823-5065 on Business Meeting days after 10:01 a.m. (PDT). When asked, please answer "Business Meeting and Mr. Jerome Lee" and the operator will connect you into the meeting. Should you want to speak on a specific item, please inform the operator that you want to speak and the item number. Please be aware that while the Commission makes this opportunity to participate by telephone available in an effort to make its hearings inclusive, parties who have comments that they consider to be essential for the Commission to hear should consider attending the hearing in person because there are occasional technical problems with our telephonic link. The Commission will make every effort to avoid these problems but it cannot accept responsibility for them.

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