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California Energy Commission
Business Meeting

WEDNESDAY, September 9, 2009

1516 Ninth Street
Hearing Room A, First Floor
Beginning at 10 a.m.
Sacramento, California
(Wheelchair Accessible)

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  1. VICTORVILLE 2 HYBRID POWER PROJECT (07-AFC-1C). Possible approval of the city of Victorville's petition to modify Condition of Certification BIO-11 for the Victorville 2 Hybrid Power Project. The changes address the timing of filing a letter of credit or other form of security for mitigation funding and the acquisition of compensation lands in Condition of Certification BIO-11. Contact: Mary Dyas. (10 minutes)
  2. AWS TRUEWIND, LLC. Possible approval of Amendment 2 to Contract 500-06-024 with AWS Truewind, LLC to expand the project scope and extend the term by 12 months to accommodate the increased workload. The project's measurement campaign captured tall wind tower and sodar wind data at two specific sites in the Tehachapi and Imperial Valley wind resource areas respectively. These datasets will now be used to develop value-added products for those regions, including updates to California's electronic wind maps and a report characterizing regional wind resource quality based on captured meteorological events. Contact: Mike Kane. (10 minutes)
  3. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS. Possible approval of Contract 500-09-009 for $290,000 with University of California, Davis to demonstrate the broad mechanisms by which agriculture may react to climate change by performing a case study for Yolo County, California. The interdisciplinary team of researchers will develop a set of map overlays and a guided map tour of Yolo County for Google™ Earth that highlights vulnerabilities and responses via mitigation, adaptation or both. This agreement is consistent with Governor's Executive Order S-09-09. (PIER natural gas funding.) Contact: Sarah Pittiglio. (5 minutes)
  4. ENTERPRISE NETWORKING SOLUTIONS, INC. Possible approval of Purchase Order Number 09-409.00-005 for $75,000 for Enterprise Networking Solutions, Inc., to assist the Energy Commission in the upgrade and implementation of the multimedia equipment in the Energy Commission's Hearing Room B and atrium. The contractor selected will provide the services and the personnel with the necessary expert knowledge, experience and ability, in the areas of Project Management and Multimedia/Network integration practices. This agreement is consistent with Governor's Executive Order S 09-09. (ERPA funding.) Contact: Larry Smith. (5 minutes)
  5. ENERGY CONSERVATION ASSISTANCE ACCOUNT. Contact: Mark Hutchison. (10 minutes.)

    Possible approval of the allocation of $25 million in federal funds available pursuant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and Public Resources Code sections 25460 - 25463 to augment funding for loans under the Energy Conservation Assistance Account (ECAA), subject to the following conditions:

    1. Loans must be for projects that meet ECAA eligibility requirements and otherwise qualify for ECAA loans;
    2. Loans may not be made for projects on facilities owned or operated by the State of California;
    3. Loans must be offered at an interest rate of 1 percent per annum and subject to a maximum loan amount of $3 million dollars;
    4. Loan funds may only be used to supplement, and may not be used to supplant, funds already committed or expected to be received in support of the project;
    5. Loans will be amortized on the estimated annual energy cost savings achieved by the project; and,
    6. Loans and loan applicants must satisfy all ARRA-related requirements.
  6. COUNTY OF MARIN. Possible approval of a $415,857 loan to Marin County to upgrade interior and exterior lighting and replace heating and cooling systems at the Marin County Civic Auditorium. These projects will save the county about $32,000 annually in reduced energy costs with a simple payback of approximately 13 years based on the loan amount. This agreement is consistent with Governor's Executive Order S 09 09. (ARRA funding.) Contact: Mike Smith. (5 minutes)
  7. CITY OF LOS ANGELES. Possible approval of a $3 million loan to the City of Los Angeles to convert a portion of the city's residential street light fixtures from incandescent lamps to induction lamps. This project is estimated to save the city 3 million kWh, or $300,000 annually in reduced energy cost with a simple payback of 10 years. This agreement is consistent with Governor's Executive Order S-09-09. (ARRA funding.) Contact: Mike Smith. (5 minutes)
  8. CITY OF CARLSBAD. Possible approval of a $1,543,000 loan to the City of Carlsbad to convert the city's residential and commercial street light fixtures from High Pressure Sodium lamps to induction lamps. This project is estimated to save the city approximately 3 million kWh, or $327,000 annually in reduced energy cost with a simple payback of less than 5 years based on the loan amount. The City of Carlsbad will use this loan in conjunction with utility rebates, the City's Federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, and other funds. This agreement is consistent with Governor's Executive Order S-09-09. (ARRA funding.) Contact: Mike Smith. (5 Minutes)
  9. TOWN OF HILLSBOROUGH. Possible approval of a $908,700 loan to the Town of Hillsborough to install premium efficiency pumps and control upgrades for its water system. These projects will save the town approximately $69,900 annually in reduced energy costs. Based on the loan amount, the simple payback is approximately 13 years. This agreement is consistent with Governor's Executive Order S-09-09. (ARRA funding.) Contact: Mike Smith. (5 minutes)
  10. TESLA POWER PLANT (01-AFC-21C). Possible approval of additional 30-day extension of license for Tesla Power Plant to October 15, 2009, pending Siting Committee's Proposed Decision on PG&E's request for five-year license extension. Contact: Gary Fay. (15 minutes.)
  11. Minutes: Approval of the August 26, 2009, Business Meeting Minutes.
  12. Commission Committee Presentations/Discussion: A discussion by the Commissioners regarding Committee Oversight matters may be held.
  13. CHIEF COUNSEL'S REPORT. The Energy Commission may adjourn to closed session with its legal counsel to determine whether facts and circumstances exist that warrant the initiation of litigation [Government Code Section 11126(e)(3)] or whether facts and circumstances exist that constitute a significant exposure to litigation against the Commission [Government Code Section 11126(e)(2)].
  14. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S REPORT. Closed session may be held on personnel matters. [Government Code, Section 11126(a).]
  17. PUBLIC COMMENT. People may speak up to five minutes on any matter concerning the Energy Commission. The Commission may recess the meeting and continue it later for purposes of a general discussion of Commission internal organization and policy. No action will be taken at such a continued session. The Commission will announce whether it plans to continue the meeting in this manner and the time and location at the end of the last regular item.

    If you require special accommodations, contact Lourdes Quiroz at 916-654-5146, five days before the meeting.

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