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California Energy Commission
Business Meeting

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1516 Ninth Street
Hearing Room A, First Floor
Beginning at 9 a.m.
Sacramento, California
(Wheelchair Accessible)

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  1. CONSENT CALENDAR. (Items on the Consent Calendar will be taken up and voted on as a group. A commissioner may request that an item be moved and discussed later in the meeting.)
    1. CITY OF MENEFEE. Possible approval of an amendment to Agreement CBG 09 132 to change the scope of work, add installation labor costs and reduce materials costs. The total cost of the project is unchanged. Contact: Akasha Khalsa.
    2. CPS HUMAN RESOURCES. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Contract 200 08 005 with CPS Human Resources to extend the contract from January 2, 2011, to December 31, 2011 at no additional cost. Contact: Gina Tosi-Smith.
    3. MCGRAW-HILL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. Possible approval of Purchase Order 10-445.03-004 for $37,901 to McGraw-Hill Construction Company for floor space data to forecast residential and commercial energy demand for the 2011 Integrated Energy Policy Report. (ERPA funding.) Contact: Gareth Occhiuzzo.
    4. LIPPMAN CONSULTING, INC. Possible approval of Purchase Order 10 445.03-005 for $40,500 to Lippman Consulting, Inc., for a one-year subscription to natural gas pipeline and production databases. Staff will use the data for technical projects, including the natural gas market assessment for the 2011 Integrated Energy Policy Report. (ERPA funding.) Contact: Ruben Tavares.
    5. LAWRENCE BERKELEY NATIONAL LABORATORY. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Contract 500-08-052 with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to adjust the rates of a subcontractor, extend the project term by two months, and modify the scope of work to change the field test location in Task 4. There is no change in the total cost of the contract. Contact: Joseph Fleshman.
    6. SAN FRANCISCO ELECTRIC RELIABILITY PROJECT (04-AFC-1C). Possible approval of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission petition to terminate the license for the San Francisco Reliability Project as of June 28, 2010. The project will not be built and will no longer require Energy Commission oversight. Contact: Christine Stora.
    7. CITY OF RIPON. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Agreement CBG 09 011 with the City of Ripon to amend the scope of work and budget of the City's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant projects. Grant funds are being shifted from lighting projects to HVAC projects. Due to a reduced City budget, the street lighting project will not be implemented. The grant amount will be reduced from $81,861 to $65,547 Contact: Joji Castillo.
  2. METROPOLITAN VAN AND STORAGE, INC. Possible approval of Contract 200 10 003 for $260,264 with Metropolitan Van and Storage, Inc. to store and inventory 58,273 square feet of surplus modular furniture until the Energy Commission arranges for installation. Contact: Sherryl Yourczek. (5 minutes)
  3. FISCALINI FARMS, LP. Possible approval of Agreement PIR-09-053 for a grant of $1.5 million to Fiscalini Farms, LP, to develop best available emission control technology for biogas-fueled combined heat and power system and evaluate the technology's technical and economic viability. Contact: Zhiqin Zhang. (10 minutes)
  4. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE FOR ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT (CIEE). Possible approval of Work Authorization MRA-02-084 for $1 million with the Regents of the University of California, CIEE to expand the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Technology Demonstration Program by conducting demonstrations of PIER-supported building technologies at Naval and Marine bases in California. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: David Weightman. (5 minutes)
  5. TOWN OF HILLSBOROUGH. Possible approval of Agreement 007-10-ECE-ARRA for a loan of $37,812 to the Town of Hillsborough to install a new energy efficient pump and new energy efficient interior lights. These projects are estimated to save $3,438 annually in reduced energy costs. (ECAA-ARRA funding.) Contact: Joseph Wang. (5 minutes)
  6. CITY OF HAWAIIAN GARDENS. Possible approval of Agreement 005 10 ECE ARRA for a loan of $446,192 to the City of Hawaiian Gardens to implement energy efficiency measures, including HVAC upgrades, lighting equipment and controls, computer control software, and vending machine misers. These projects are estimated to save the city approximately $40,595 annually in reduced energy costs. (ECCA-ARRA funding.) Contact: Cheng Moua. (5 minutes)
  7. CITY OF RICHMOND. Possible approval of Agreement 001-10-ECD for a loan of $621,558 to the City of Richmond to replace high pressure sodium and mercury vapor streetlights with more efficient LED streetlights. The retrofit will save the city approximately $62,000 annually in reduced energy costs. (ECAA funding.) Contact: Karen Perrin. (5 minutes)
  8. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS. Possible approval of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 400-10-007 between the Energy Commission and the Department of General Services, Department of Water Resources, Department of Transportation, the California State Lands Commission, Department of Fish and Game, and the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, to collaborate on research and planning for renewable energy systems to be installed on state buildings and rights of way. Contact: Jim Bartridge. (5 minutes)
  9. AE ADVANCED FUELS KEYES, INC. Possible approval of Agreement ARV-10-031, for a zero cost Participant Agreement with AE Advanced Fuels Keyes, Inc. to establish the program requirements for participation in the California Ethanol Producer Incentive Program (CEPIP). The program requirements include the participant's eligibility for CEPIP payments from and reimbursements to the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Finance Authority. Contact: Larry Rillera. (5 minutes)
  10. BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AND GUIDANCE MANUAL: DESERT RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS. Possible approval of Best Management Practices and Guidance Manual: Desert Renewable Energy Projects. This report is produced by the Energy Commission with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the California Department of Fish and Game as required by Executive Order S 14 08 and U.S. Department of Interior Secretarial Order 3285 directives. Contact: Eugenia Laychak. (10 minutes)
  11. LOCALLY ADOPTED BUILDING ENERGY STANDARDS. Possible approval of locally adopted building energy standards to require greater energy efficiency than the 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Contact: Joe Loyer. (10 minutes)
    1. City of Burlingame.
    2. City of Daly City.
    3. City of Goleta.
    4. Town of Portola Valley.
    5. County of Santa Clara.
    6. City of Sebastopol.
    7. City of Sonoma.
    8. City of San Carlos.
  12. ELECTRICITY DEMAND FORECASTS. Possible approval of proposed Forms and Instructions for electricity demand information prepared in support of the 2011 Integrated Energy Policy Report. These forms ask load-serving entities in California to provide data to the Energy Commission relating to energy demand forecasts for the 2011-2022 forecast period and for the years 2000-2010. Contact: Nick Fugate. (10 minutes)
  13. ELECTRICITY RESOURCE PLANS. Possible approval of proposed Forms and Instructions for electricity supply information in support of the 2011 Integrated Energy Policy Report. These forms ask load-serving entities in California to submit plans showing how demand for energy and annual peak load will be met by specific supply resources. Contact: Jim Woodward. (10 minutes)
  14. SUBPOENA TO CALIFORNIA INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR. Possible approval of a Commission-issued subpoena to the California Independent System Operator Corporation for confidential data on the inertia provided by generation resources in the interconnection queue. The data is necessary to support work on infrastructure assessment for the 2011 Integrated Energy Policy Report. Contact: Caryn Holmes. (5 minutes)
  15. RENEWABLES PORTFOLIO STANDARD ELIGIBILITY GUIDEBOOK, FOURTH EDITION. Possible approval of the Renewables Portfolio Standard Eligibility Guidebook, Fourth Edition. This guidebook implements the energy Commission's responsibilities under the state's Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS). These responsibilities include certifying RPS-eligible facilities and verifying procurement for RPS compliance. Contact: Kate Zocchetti. (5 minutes)
  16. OVERALL PROGRAM GUIDEBOOK FOR THE RENEWABLE ENERGY PROGRAM. Possible approval of the Overall Program Guidebook for the Renewable Energy Program, Third Edition. This guidebook governs the Renewable Energy Program and its various program elements to assist interested applicants in applying for program funds and Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) certification, and to assist in verifying RPS compliance. Contact: Kate Zocchetti. (5 minutes)
  17. INLAND EMPIRE ENERGY CENTER (01-AFC-17C). Possible approval of a Petition to Amend the California Energy Commission Decision to adjust its Air Quality Conditions of Certification for the Inland Empire Energy Center Project. The adjustment will ensure consistency with the South Coast Air Quality Management District RECLAIM/Title V permit. Contact: Dale Rundquist. (10 minutes).
  18. PALOMAR ENERGY CENTER (01-AFC-24C). Possible approval of Petition to Amend the California Energy Commission Decision to allow San Diego Gas & Electric Company to install and operate one 1,945 brake horsepower emergency-use internal combustion engine at Palomar Energy Center. Contact: Dale Rundquist. (10 minutes).
  19. PALEN SOLAR POWER PROJECT (09-AFC-7). Possible adoption of the Presiding Member's Proposed Decision on the Palen Solar Power Plant Project and possible Errata. The Palen project is a concentrating solar thermal electric generating facility with two adjacent and independent units of 250 megawatt (MW) nominal capacity, for a total capacity of 500 MW. The project site is approximately 35 miles west of Blythe and 10 miles east of Desert Center in an unincorporated area of Riverside County. Contact: Raoul Renaud. (35 minutes)
  20. ALMOND 2 POWER PLANT PROJECT (09-AFC-2). Possible adoption of the Presiding Member's Proposed Decision on the Almond 2 Power Plant Project and possible Errata. The proposed Almond 2 Project will be a natural-gas-fired, simple-cycle peaking facility rated at a gross generating capacity of 174 megawatts (MW) and designed to provide the Turlock Irrigation District with operating reserves. The project will occupy a 4.6-acre site, adjacent to the existing 48-MW Almond Power Plant, located within the city limits of Ceres in Stanislaus County. Contact: Kourtney Vaccaro. (35 minutes)
  21. RICE SOLAR ENERGY PROJECT (09-AFC-10). Possible adoption of the Presiding Member's Proposed Decision on the Rice Solar Energy Power Plant Project and possible Errata. The project site is approximately 40 miles northwest of Blythe in Riverside County. The power plant would occupy 1,410 acres of a 2,560-acre site, and is designed to produce electricity at a capacity of 150 megawatts and 450,000 megawatt-hours per year during periods of peak energy demand. Contact: Kourtney Vaccaro. (35 minutes)
  22. Minutes:
    1. Possible approval of the November 3, 2010, Business Meeting Minutes.
    2. Possible approval of the December 1, 2010 Business Meeting Minutes.
  23. Commission Committee Presentations and Discussion: Presentations or discussion by the Commissioners regarding Committee Oversight matters may be held.
  24. Chief Counsel's Report: The Energy Commission may adjourn to closed session with its legal counsel [Government Code Section 11126(e)] to discuss any of the following matters to which the Energy Commission is a party:
    1. California Communities Against Toxics et al v. South Coast Air Quality Management District (Los Angeles County Superior Court, BS124624);
    2. Western Riverside Council of Governments v. Department of General Services (Riverside County Superior Court RIC10005849);
    3. In the Matter of U.S. Department of Energy (High Level Waste Repository),(Atomic Safety Licensing Board, CAB-04, 63-001-HLW);
    4. Public Utilities Commission of California (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Docket No. EL10-64-000); and Southern California Edison Company, et al. (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Docket No. EL10 66 000).
    5. California Energy Commission v. Superior Court (WRCOG) (California Court of Appeal E052018).
    6. Residential Energy Services Network Inc. Trademark Dispute Settlement (U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Reg. No. 3,322,697).
    The Energy Commission may also discuss any judicial or administrative proceeding that was formally initiated after this agenda was published; or determine whether facts and circumstances exist that warrant the initiation of litigation; or that constitute a significant exposure to litigation against the Commission.
  25. Executive Director's Report: A closed session may be held on personnel matters. [Government Code, Section 11126(a).]
  26. Public Adviser's Report: The Public Adviser may report on upcoming events.
  27. Public Comment: Public Comment: People may speak up to five minutes on any matter concerning the Energy Commission, with the exception of items appearing elsewhere on this agenda or items related to pending adjudicative (certification or enforcement) proceedings.
  28. Internal Organization and Policy: The Commission may recess the meeting and continue it later for purposes of a general discussion of Commission internal organization and policy. No action will be taken at such a continued session. The Commission will announce whether it plans to continue the meeting in this manner and the time and location at the end of the last regular item.

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