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California Energy Commission
Business Meeting

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1516 Ninth Street
Hearing Room A, First Floor
Beginning at 9 a.m.
Sacramento, California 95814
(Wheelchair Accessible)

Note: this meeting will be broadcast over the Internet.
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  1. CONSENT CALENDAR. (Items on the Consent Calendar will be taken up and voted on as a group. A commissioner may request that an item be moved and discussed later in the meeting.)
    1. ICF CONSULTING, INC. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Contract 600 10 004 with ICF Consulting, Inc., to extend the contract from June 30, 2011 to June 30, 2012. The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is expected to have a rulemaking in October 2011 on zero emission vehicle mandates which will impact the Energy Commission's vehicle attribute forecast between the years 2016 and 2025. This amendment will allow the Energy Commission to effectively incorporate the ARB rulemaking into the Integrated Energy Policy Report process. Contact: Laura Lawson.
    2. CITY OF PETALUMA. Possible approval of the City of Petaluma's locally adopted building energy standards to require greater energy efficiency than the 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Contact: Joe Loyer.
    3. CITY OF FREMONT. Possible approval of the City of Fremont's locally adopted building energy standards to require greater energy efficiency than the 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Contact: Joe Loyer.
    4. CITY OF MOUNTAIN VIEW. Possible approval of the City of Mountain View's locally adopted building energy standards to require greater energy efficiency than the 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Contact: Joe Loyer.
    5. ABENGOA SOLAR, INC. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Agreement PIR 09 003 to modify language in the Terms and Conditions clarifying ownership of software developed outside the scope of this project. This amendment does not require any time extension or additional funding. Contact: Michael Lozano.
    6. PORT IMPORT EXPORT REPORTING SERVICE. Possible approval of Purchase Order 10-223.01-543 for $21,224 to Port Import Export Reporting Service (PIERS) for renewal of a one-year subscription for monthly marine products movement data. PIERS data is used to monitor the import and export of fuel products through California ports for use in Energy Commission reports, and in responding to information requests from outside agencies. Contact: Andre Freeman.
    7. RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE LIGHTING RESEARCH CENTER. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Agreement PIR-08-015 with the Lighting Research Center - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to reduce match funds and extend the agreement by 12 months to October 31, 2012, due to delays in the demonstration phase of the project. There is no change to the scope of work. Contact: Dustin Davis.
    8. CITY OF GALT. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Agreement CBG-09-143 with the City of Galt to extend the term of the grant from December 14, 2011 to June 14, 2012. Contact: Karen Perrin.
    9. CITY OF SOUTH LAKE TAHOE. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Agreement CBG-09-180 with the City of South Lake Tahoe to add an additional lighting project to install T8 lamps and electronic ballasts in an additional city building. There is no change in the total amount of the award. Contact: Joseph Wang.
    10. CITY OF ARROYO GRANDE. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Agreement CBG-09-178 with the City of Arroyo Grande to shift $17,336 from the non-labor contract expense category to the labor contract expense category. The scope of work of the project will not change. Contact: Haile Bucaneg.
    11. CITY OF DUARTE. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Agreement CBG 09 056 with the City of Duarte to shift $20,173 from the non-labor contract expense category to the contract labor expense category. The scope of work will not change. Contact: Haile Bucaneg.
    12. INTER-CON SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC. Possible approval of Amendment 7 to Contract 200-07-004 with Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc. to add $110,000 and extend the existing agreement for unarmed security services at the Energy Commission from July 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011. (ERPA funding.) Contact: Emily Oren.
    13. WEST PUBLISHING CORPORATION dba THOMSON/WEST. Possible approval of Contract 140-11-001 for $60,120 with West Publishing Corporation dba Thomson/West at a negotiated reduced cost for the first year, for Westlaw online electronic legal database, research and information services. (ERPA funding.) Contact: Elizabeth Flores.
  2. CPS HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES. Possible approval of Contract 200-10-010 for $100,000 with CPS Human Resource Services for human resources and related management services to assist Energy Commission staff with job analyses, classification and compensation analyses and other organizational development activities. (ERPA funding.) Contact: Veronica Rodriguez. (5 minutes)
  3. ICF MACRO, INC. Possible approval of Contract 600-10-011 for $673,930 with ICF Macro, Inc., to fund the 2011 California Vehicle Survey. The survey will collect data on revealed and stated vehicle preferences of California household and commercial vehicle owners, estimate vehicle choice models for both household and commercial sectors to be used in the 2013 IEPR, and coordinate with Caltrans to integrate vehicle and travel survey data for California households. (ERPA funding.) Contact: Aniss Bahreinian. (5 minutes)
  4. ASPEN ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP. Possible approval of Contract 800-10-001 for $2.4 million with Aspen Environmental Group for technical support and training for the Electric Supply Analysis Division. The technical assistance will be in five core areas: electricity system and infrastructure analysis; demand forecast methods; other demand analyses such as customer-side generation and quantifying energy efficiency; natural gas; and central station and distributed generation development. (ERPA funding.) Contact: Sylvia Bender. (5 minutes)
  5. JONES & STOKES ASSOCIATES. Possible approval of Contract 600-10-012 for $2,968,130 with Jones & Stokes Associates, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICF Consulting Group, Inc., to assist local governments in developing energy assurance plans based on federal, state and local guidelines. (ARRA funding.) Contact: David Michel. (5 minutes)
  6. SACRAMENTO MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT. Possible approval of Agreement PIR-10-004 for a grant of $500,000 to Sacramento Municipal Utility District to determine the value of advanced metering infrastructure for homes with photovoltaics and storage. The project will evaluate home-based storage, community-based storage, and no storage scenarios. These funds cost-share the recipient's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 award. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: Michael Sokol. (5 minutes)
  7. WATER RESEARCH FOUNDATION. Possible approval of Contract 500-10-056 for $425,000 with Water Research Foundation to advance energy efficiency in the water industry. The project will develop a roadmap that identifies and prioritizes energy efficiency research and development opportunities in the water and wastewater industries. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: Paul Roggensack. (5 minutes)
  8. SACRAMENTO MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT. Possible approval of Amendment 1 to Contract 500-08-009 to approve California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents as required in the Sacramento Municipal Utility District agreement. The existing agreement is a microgrid project and construction will begin after approval of CEQA documents. Contact: Steve Ghadiri. (5 minutes)
  9. KEMA, INC. Possible approval of Contract 500-10-064 for $447,642 with KEMA, Inc., for evaluation and optimizing of concentrated solar power coupled with thermal energy storage. (PIER natural gas funding.) Contact: Prab Sethi. (5 minutes)
  10. Item has been moved to June 20th
    SATCON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION. Possible approval of Contract 500-10-062 for $1,994,509 with Satcon Technology Corporation to demonstrate high bandwidth automatic voltage control and develop electric energy storage components and a system designed to optimize grid-tied photovoltaic applications. (PIER electric funding.) Contact: John Hingtgen. (5 minutes)
  11. TRANSPORTATION POWER, INC. Possible approval of Contract 500-10-058 for $2 million with Transportation Power, Inc., to design, build, and test a new, low cost and modular fast energy storage technology known as Grid-Saver system. The Grid-Saver has a with peak power capacity of 5 megawatts at a projected cost of about 5 times lower than competing battery systems that can help facilitate integrating utility-scale renewable energy in California. (PIER electricity and natural gas funding.) Contact: Rizaldo Aldas. (5 minutes)
  12. CLEAN POWER RESEARCH. Possible approval of Contract 500-10-059 for $450,000 with Clean Power Research to develop a master solar photovoltaic (PV) database that includes all grid-connected PV systems in California, and validate the solar power output variability for any group of PV systems. This project will be done in coordination with the California Independent System Operator, which will integrate the results into its planning process. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: Zhiqin Zhang. (5 minutes)
  13. ENERNEX LLC. Possible approval of Contract 500-10-060 for $450,000 with EnerNex LLC to gather and analyze forecast data for solar photovoltaic production in the Inland Empire region. The resulting data will be used to model, monitor, and primarily analyze the impacts of adding 500 MW of photovoltaic capacity to the grid. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: Gail Wiggett. (5 minutes)
  14. PROJECT NAVIGATOR, LTD. Possible approval of Contract 500-10-061 for $120,000 with Project Navigator, Ltd., to study the effects of utility-scale photovoltaic energy systems on landfill caps, and to develop a guidance manual for developing landfill-based photovoltaics. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: John Mathias. (5 minutes)
  15. COMBINED POWER COOPERATIVE. Possible approval of Contract 500-10-063 for $1 million with Combined Power Cooperative to develop and demonstrate "hyperlight" concentrated solar thermal power technology. Hyperlight solar technology has lower costs, land use, and water use per megawatt generated compared to traditional utility-scale solar generation. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: John Mathias. (5 minutes)
  16. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO FOUNDATION. Possible approval of Contract 500-10-054 for $297,948 with the California State University, Fresno Foundation to develop an assessment methodology for dryland streams to facilitate permitting solar energy projects. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: Joe O'Hagan. (5 minutes)
  17. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE. Possible approval of Contract 500-10-065 for $1 million with the Regents of the University of California on behalf of the Irvine campus. The project will conduct plug load research that facilitates and accelerates developing energy efficient plug load devices and provides the foundation for future appliance standards. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: Bradley Meister. (5 minutes)
  18. PRIMUS POWER CORPORATION. Possible approval of Agreement PIR-10-029 for a $1 million grant to Primus Power Corporation to develop and field test a 25 megawatt grid-connected wind energy storage system at the Energy Farm in Modesto Irrigation District. These funds cost-share the recipient's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 award. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: Avtar Bining. (5 minutes)
  19. CITY OF ANAHEIM. Possible approval of Agreement PIR-10-035 for a grant of $589,603 to the City of Anaheim to install advanced smart meters to improve the existing utility and grid infrastructure for the benefit of its customers. These funds cost-share the recipient's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 award. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: Avtar Bining. (5 minutes)
  20. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS. Possible approval of Agreement PIR-10-061 for a grant of $500,000 to the Regents of the University of California on behalf of the Davis campus to install an advanced on-site waste-to-renewable-energy system for a large-scale mixed-use community. These funds cost-share the recipient's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 award. (PIER electricity funding.) Contact: Pablo Guitierrez. (5 minutes)
  21. RENEWABLES PORTFOLIO STANDARD 2007 PROCUREMENT VERIFICATION REPORT. Possible approval of the Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) 2007 Procurement Verification Report. This report transmits the RPS procurement verification findings for the year 2007, and includes 2004-2006 updates for P G & E and a 2005-2006 update for PacifiCorp, to the California Public Utilities Commission. Contact: Gina Barkalow. (10 minutes)
  22. CARLSBAD ENERGY CENTER (07-AFC-6). Possible adoption of the Presiding Member's Proposed Decision on the Carlsbad Energy Center and Errata. The proposed facility is a combined cycle electrical power plant with a generating capacity of 540-megawatt (MW) located in the city of Carlsbad, San Diego County. Contact: Paul Kramer. (35 minutes)
  23. Minutes:
    1. Possible approval of the May 31, 2011, Business Meeting Minutes.
  24. Commission Committee Presentations and Discussion: Presentations or discussion by the Commissioners regarding Committee Oversight matters may be held.
  25. Chief Counsel's Report: The Energy Commission may adjourn to closed session with its legal counsel [Government Code Section 11126(e)] to discuss any of the following matters to which the Energy Commission is a party:
    1. California Communities Against Toxics et al v. South Coast Air Quality Management District (Los Angeles County Superior Court, BS124624);
    2. In the Matter of U.S. Department of Energy (High Level Waste Repository),(Atomic Safety Licensing Board, CAB-04, 63-001-HLW);
    3. Public Utilities Commission of California (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Docket No. EL10-64-000); and Southern California Edison Company, et al. (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Docket No. EL10 66 000);
    4. Western Riverside Council of Governments v. Department of General Services (Riverside County Superior Court RIC10005849); California Energy Commission v. Superior Court (WRCOG) (California Court of Appeal E052018);
    5. BNSF Railway Company v. US Department of Interior, California Energy Commission (U.S. District Court Central District of California-Riverside, CV 10-10057 SVW (PJWx));
    6. Richard Latteri v. Energy Resources, Conservation and Development Commission, et al. (Sacramento County Superior Court, 34-2011-99985).

      The Energy Commission may also discuss any judicial or administrative proceeding that was formally initiated after this agenda was published; or determine whether facts and circumstances exist that warrant the initiation of litigation; or that constitute a significant exposure to litigation against the Commission.
  26. Executive Director's Report: A closed session may be held on personnel matters. [Government Code, Section 11126(a).]
  27. Public Adviser's Report: The Public Adviser may report on upcoming events.
  28. Public Comment: Public Comment: People may speak up to five minutes on any matter concerning the Energy Commission, with the exception of items appearing elsewhere on this agenda or items related to pending adjudicative (certification or enforcement) proceedings.
  29. Internal Organization and Policy: The Commission may recess the meeting and continue it later for purposes of a general discussion of Commission internal organization and policy. No action will be taken at such a continued session. The Commission will announce whether it plans to continue the meeting in this manner and the time and location at the end of the last regular item.

In addition to the agenda that was distributed on June 3, 2011, the commission will take a vote to consider whether a need exists for immediate action on the following item. (Gov. C. § 11125.3, subd. (a)(2).) If the Commission determines that such a need exists, the Commission may consider the following item:

  1. ENERGY COMMISSION COMMITTEE APPOINTMENT. Possible expansion of the delegated authority of the Siting Committee which is hearing the Calico Solar Project Amendment (08-AFC-13C) to include proceedings related to the Complaint to Revoke Certification filed by BNSF Railway Company to challenge the certification of the Calico Solar Project (08-AFC-13) and all other post-certification and compliance matters related to the Calico Solar Project (08-AFC-13) as finally adopted by the Commission on December 1, 2010. Contact: Renee Webster-Hawkins (5 minutes)

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