Mission, Vision, and Values of the California Energy Commission

California Energy Commission Seal

Please note: Unauthorized use of the Energy Commission's seal is not permitted under state law.
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Mission Statement

It is the California Energy Commission's mission to assess, advocate and act through public/private partnerships to improve energy systems that promote a strong economy and a healthy environment.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the California Energy Commission for Californians to have energy choices that are affordable, reliable, diverse, safe and environmentally acceptable.

Values Statement

The California Energy Commission's highest responsibility is to the people of California. We will strive to conduct business in a manner that results in maximum public benefit while ensuring fiscal integrity and accountability for the expenditure of public funds.

Customers and Stakeholders

All interactions with the public and others with whom we do business are of utmost importance in carrying out the Energy Commission's responsibilities. Our time, skills, abilities, intelligence, creativity, products and services are focused on these important relationships, with an emphasis on customer service.

Human Resources

The Energy Commission's most valuable resource is its personnel. Each person is to be treated with dignity, respect, fairness and understanding. Managers and supervisors strive to recruit, train, develop and retain employees who are skilled, motivated, creative, intelligent and reflective of the cultural diversity of the public that the Energy Commission serves. Commissioners and managers are committed to providing the leadership to create a positive work environment for Energy Commission employees that offers opportunities for superior performance, recognition, rewards and professional fulfillment.

Products and Services

We are committed to providing quality products and services that are timely, accurate, reliable, responsive and useful. All staff will strive to continuously improve technologies, processes, structure and the way we provide products and services to the public and other stakeholders.

The Mission, Vision and Values were adopted by the California Energy Commission on May 28, 1997, as part of the Commission's Strategic Plan.

A Brief Description of the Energy Commission's Seal

Alternate Seal of the California Energy Commission

The original Seal of the California Energy Commission was created in 1985 to commemorate the Commission's 10th Anniversary. The seal above was used in the Year 2000 and celebrated our 25th Anniversary. The seal symbolizes all things important to California and her energy challenges.

The Commission's seal reflects our commitment to environmentally sensitive development of reliable and alternative energy resources for the people of the Golden State.

Please note: Unauthorized use of the Energy Commission's seal is not permitted. Please see our legal page for more information.