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EPIC R&D Promotes Energy Innovation

About $17.5 million has been awarded this calendar year


Each year, the Energy Commission invests about $120 million annually through the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) for innovative energy technologies and approaches that bring clean energy ideas to market and that benefit the ratepayers of the state's three largest electric investor-owned utilities.

About $17.5 million has been awarded this calendar year for research and development projects throughout California including:

  • Helping Farmers Optimize Water Management in the San Joaquin Valley
    About $5.5 million in grants to UC Riverside, Antelope Valley Water Storage, Advanced Microgrid Solutions and Irrigation for the Future to test and evaluate energy efficiency and demand response technologies and strategies supporting the industrial, agricultural and water sectors in the San Joaquin Valley, Antelope Valley, Southern California and at San Jose State University.
  • Accelerating New Technology Adoption for Commercial Buildings in Los Angeles
    A $5 million grant to the New Buildings Institute, Inc., to demonstrate cost-effective energy retrofit packages that will integrate advanced lighting, window shades and plug-load controls in existing government buildings in the greater Los Angeles area.
  • Demonstrating Energy-Saving Expertise for Central Valley Buildings
    More than $5 million in grants to the University of California at Merced, ICF Incorporated LLC, Be Power Tech Inc., Element 16 Technologies Inc., and All Power Labs Inc., for innovative projects that advance small and microscale combined cooling, heating and power technology.
  • Advancing Innovative Lighting and HVAC Technology in Long Beach
    A $2.5 million grant to the California State University Long Beach Research Foundation to demonstrate an energy management system that controls lighting, HVAC and plug loads and when needed, can reduce demand during peak use events.
  • Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Classrooms in Southern California
    A $2.5 million grant to the Zero Net Energy Alliance, Inc., to demonstrate an automated energy management system that uses artificial intelligence to optimize energy use. The technology will be demonstrated at Pomona College in Claremont and Santa Ana College.

The projects are helping California meet its energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals. They are also helping ensure the state's electricity supply remains affordable, adequate, safe and reliable.