Summary of Energy-Related Legislation
1996 Legislative Session

The following is a list of all energy-related bills in the 1995-1996 Legislative Session. All other energy-related legislation considered during this time failed to be enacted.

AB 285, Hauser, Ch 3 - Appropriated $1 million from the Geothermal Resources Development Account to the Energy Commission for a grant to Lake County for construction of a pipeline.

AB 1460, Morrissey, Ch. 292 - Prohibits the use of any heavy-duty motor vehicle that emits excessive smoke.

AB 2334, Cortese, Ch. 581 - Applies reporting requirements for well drilling for geothermal heat exchange wells, and requires the development of standards for that drilling.

SB 798, Mountjoy, Ch. 73 - Permits natural gas fueled unvented decorative logs and fireplaces to be sold if they are listed by an agency approved by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and they meet standards developed by DHCD and the Department of Health Services.

SB 960, Leonard, Ch 856 - Reforms the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) by creating a consumer advocacy division, authorizing the Commission to determine whether a proceeding requires a hearing, and establishing separate rules for quasi-legislative, adjudication, and ratesetting cases. The bill sunsets on January 1, 2002.