Summary of Energy-Related Legislation
1998 Legislative Session

The following is a list of all energy-related bills in the 1997-1998 Legislative Session.

Air Quality

Alternative Fuel Vehicles









AB 581 (Martinez)--Last Amended, 06/29/98
Would have created a comprehensive registration program for providers of electric service and a more detailed customer education program than provided for in current law. The California Public Utilities Commission would have been charged with enforcement of the proposed programs.
Status:Died in Assembly

AB 1019 (Machado)--Last Amended, 07/07/98
Would have exempted liquefied petroleum gas from the state Sales and Use Tax Law, but would have allowed for a city and/or county to impose a similar tax. Status: Died in Senate Appropriations Committee
Status: Died in Senate Appropriations Committee

AB 1368 (Villaraigosa)--Last Amended, 08/10/98
Would have created a program to provide incentives for heavy-duty engine replacements and retrofits. established an alternative fuel infrastructure development program, and an advanced technology research program. The Air Resources Board would have been responsible for administering the incentive program, and the Energy Commission would have been responsible for administering the infrastructure and RD&D programs. All funding would have ceased prior to January 1, 2003.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

AB 1387 (Murray)--Last Amended, 6/09/98
Would have appropriated federal oil overcharge funds ot the Energy Commission for unspecified energy conservation projects.
Status: Died in Senate Appropriations Committee

AB 1513 (Cardoza)--Last Amended, 07/08/98
Would have granted growers a $30 tax credit per ton of agricultural pruning provided without charge to a biomass conversion facility for generation of electricity.
Status: Assembly Committee On Appropriations

AB 1605 (Committee on Utilities and Commerce)--Last Amended, 08/12/98
Would have eliminated obsolete provisions of the Public Utilities Code and updated the Public Utilities Code considering regulatory changes made by state and federal laws.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

AB 1642 (Bowen)--Last Amended, 07/07/98
Would have expanded the types of fuel additives that are authorized for use in the state. The bill would have additionally allowed the California Air Resources Board to specify a higher oxygen content value for reformulated gasoline.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

AB 1755 (Keeley)--as Enacted, 09/25/97
Updates current law regarding net energy metering for electricity by correcting some limitations of the original legislation and updating its provisions to reflect the restructured electricity market. In addition, the bill restores the solar energy system property-tax exemption that sunset in 1994.
Status: Chaptered No. 855

AB 2016 (Brown)--Last Amended, 08/18/98
Would have prohibited the management of mobile homes from charging fees in excess of the actual price paid for liquid propane butane if the management does not permit the purchase of liquid propane butane from outside sources.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

AB 2085 (Ortiz)--Last Amended, 08/19/98
Would have provided for the taxation of experimental fuel at a rate of $0.06 per gallon, except for an initial period of 24 months.
Status: Died in Assembly Appropriations Committee

AB 2112 (Wright R)--Last Amended, 08/20/98
Would have required regulated gas utilities to collect a public good surcharge from their customers, with specified exemptions, between January 1, 1999, and December 31, 2001. The surcharge would have been in an amount determined by the California Public Utilities Commission. The surcharge would have funded low-income assistance programs, energy efficiency and conservation programs, and public interest research and development programs.
Status: Died in Senate

AB 2192 (Kuehl)--Last Amended, 08/13/98
Would have established a comprehensive protocol for safe transportation of spent nuclear waste including training requirements, emergency response, and inspection requirements.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

AB 2194 (Washington)--Last Amended, 04/27/98
Would have extended the $1 fee on registration renewals in the South Coast Air Quality Management District until August 1, 2004 used to support alternative fuel projects.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

AB 2273 (Woods)--as Enacted, 06/29/98
Requires the Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency to submit an annual report concerning shifting costs from electric utility ratepayers to other classes of beneficiaries for biomass conversion facilities.
Status: Chaptered No. 816

AB 2432 (Bowen)--Last Amended, 08/17/98
Would have required, after January 1, 2000, that all new state buildings exceed energy minimum efficiency standards and incorporate all cost-effective efficiencies. The bill would have additionally require that all cost-effective efficiencies be incorporated into affected building systems when a state building is renovated or retrofitted. The bill would have required that specific methodologies be employed when designing public buildings and that a postconstruction process be employed to ensure that public buildings function as intended. Finally, the bill would have required the Integrated Waste Management Board to adopt green building standards, and that those standards be employed in state office buildings constructed after June 30, 2000.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

AB 2461 (Campbell)--Last Amended, 08/26/98
Would have placed eight California Public Utilities Commission established advisory board funds within the State Treasury. The California Board for Energy Efficiency would have been one of the affected boards.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

AB 2728 (Martinez)--Last Amended, 06/30/98
Would have prohibited the Public Utilities Commission from providing funding to an entity for the purpose of engaging in consumer education, where that entity had a financial interest in the electric, gas, or telephone market.
Status: Died in Senate Appropriations Committee

AB 2742 (Wildman)--Last Amended, 06/17/98
Would have required the Independent System Operator to consult with appropriate regulatory agencies and transmission owners in other western states in addition to entities currently counseled.
Status: Died in Senate

AB 2794 (Ducheny)--as Enacted, 09/30/98
Augments and restores several appropriations from the Budget Act of 1998. Energy-related provisions that would have appropriated funds for Consumer Electric Users Cooperatives and an Environmental, Energy, and Highway Research Test Track were line-item vetoed.
Status: Chaptered No. 1050 (line-item veto)

AB 2815 (Committee on Transportation)--Last Amended, 08/14/98
Would have appropriated federal oil overcharge funds to the Energy Commission for unspecified energy conservation projects.
Status: Died in Assembly Transportation Committee

ACR 64 (Knox)--as Introduced, 06/05/98
Requests the Department of Transportation, California Highway Patrol, and the Department of Motor Vehicles to immediately recognize and enforce access of high occupancy vehicle lanes by alternative fuel vehicles.
Status: Chaptered No. 149

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SB 52 (Kopp) As amended May 23, 1997 (2 year bill)
Would require the Energy Commission to report every six months on the percentage of fuel sold through outlets owned by refiners versus those owned independently. Would freeze this percentage in place until January 1, 2001, if the percentage of refiner-owned outlets increases by more than 5% from the highest monthly level between May 1996 through April 1997. Also, would prohibit discrimination against alternative fuels.
Location: Senate Committee on Appropriations

SB 116 (Peace)--Last Amended, 08/21/98
Would have authorized the Energy Commission to implement a grant program for solar energy systems.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

SB 606 (Sher)--Last Amended, 6-26-98
Would make several technical changes to last year's SB 90. SB 90 enacted the administrative and expenditure criteria necessary for the California Energy Commission to implement the in-state renewables support and public interest energy research programs mandated by AB 1890 (Chapter 854, Statutes of 1996). Generally, the proposed changes correct errors that could potentially hinder effective implementation of SB 90.
Status: Vetoed Amended, 6-25-98

SB 977 (Sher)--as Enacted, 09/30/98
Changes the Energy Commission's renewable customer credit program by expanding the category of eligible renewable purchases to include energy generated by facilities owned by one or more in-state municipal utilities or by an in-state, investor-owned utility that is not required to sell into the Power Exchange. This expanded eligibility would apply only over the period April 1, 1998, to September 30, 1998.
Status: Chaptered No. 1042

SB 1083 (Polanco)--Last Amended, 08/10/98
Would have authorized the State Air Resources Board to list components of diesel exhaust as toxic air contaminants, but prohibited the identification of diesel exhaust as a toxic air contaminant. Would have authorized the state to adopt control measures for those toxic air contaminants.
Status: Died in Assembly Rules Committee

SB 1602 (Peace)--Last Amended, 08/10/98
Prohibits the Public Utilities Commission from enacting any gas industry restructuring decisions or from enforcing any natural gas restructuring decisions from core customers prior to January 1, 2000.
Status: Chaptered No. 401

SB 1714 (Hayden)--Last Amended, 08/21/98
Would have required the California Public Utilities Commission to perform a cost-benefit analysis of all orders related to electricity industry restructuring. The bill would have specifically prohibited orders resulting in new costs to consumers unless outweighed by potential benefits. Finally the bill would have required the CPUC to submit a report to the Legislature regarding rate-reduction bonds and transition costs.
Status: Died in Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee

SB 1757 (Peace)--Last Amended, 08/28/98 Urgency
Would have prohibited the California Public Utilities Commission from enacting any natural gas industry restructuring decisions prior to January 1, 2000. Would have additionally required the CPUC and Electricity Oversight Board to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the lead agency on specific issues at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. These provisions were also contained within the Budget Act.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

SB 1782 (Thompson M)--as Enacted, 09/28/98
Exempts from the vehicle license fee the incremental cost of a new, alternative fueled, ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV). Existing qualifying vehicles would be electric and natural gas vehicles. The incremental cost is the additional cost charged for the vehicle over that which a comparable conventional fuel vehicle would cost. This bill will sunset on January 1, 2003.
Status: Chaptered No. 888

SB 1834 (Mountjoy)--as Enacted, 07/21/98
Applies current laws pertaining to annual fees of utility meters to marinas.
Status: Chaptered No. 205

SB 1838 (Kopp)--as Enacted, 07/21/98
Exempts the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District's (BART) preference for federal power delivery from regulatory statutes and California Public Utilities Commission regulations relating to electrical power.
Status: Chaptered No. 206

SB 1857 (Brulte)--Last Amended, 08/28/98 Urgency
Would have created a program for the purpose of funding grants for repowers and retrofits of heavy duty engines for vehicles, equipment, and other vessels. Would have appropriated an additional $2.5 million for infrastructure development.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

SB 1941 (Sher)--Last Amended, 08/24/98
Would have required the Energy Commission to complete an inventory of greenhouse emissions from all California sources and provide feasible methods for reducing emissions.
Status: Vetoed by Governor

SB 2204 (Calderon)--Last Amended, 06/24/98
Would have established a method for ensuring that only appropriate trees are planted on public lands in close proximity to electric power lines.
Status: Died in Assembly

SJR 36 (Johannessen)--as Enacted, 07/14/98
Requests the Congress of the United States to enact legislation allowing California flexibility in adopting reformulated gasoline rules.
Status: Chaptered No. 99

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