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Autobiography of Arthur Rosenfeld - " THE 'ART' OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Protecting the Environment with Better Technology" reprinted from the journal Annual Review of Energy and the Environment, 1999 - 24:33-82 (PDF file, 51 pages, 2.9 megabytes)

Art Rosenfeld Publications Bibliography. Papers, presentations, articles through December 2009. (PDF file, 6.2 megabytes)


"Cool Roofs Protect the Environment and Save Money", Op-Ed by Commissioner Rosenfeld in the Huffington Post, May 29, 2009.


"White Roofs Cool the World, Directly Offset CO2 and Delay Global Warming" - two-page summary paper, by Commissioner Rosenfeld and Hashem Akbari, November 12, 2008. (PDF file, 2 pages, 116 kb).

"Opportunities in the Building Sector: Managing Climate Change" - Paper written for Physics of Sustainable Energy: Using Energy Efficiently and Producing it Renewably, Edited by D. Hafemeister,, American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1044, p. 3, 2008, College Park, MD. , October 16, 2008. (PDF file, 12 pages, 640 kb).

"Global Cooling: Increasing World-wide Urban Albedos to Offset CO2" - Paper by Hashem Akbari, Surabi Menon, and Commissioner Art Rosenfeld to be published in journal Climatic Change in 2008. (PDF file, 18 pages, 182 kb).

"White Roofs Cool the World, Offset CO2 and Delay Global Warming" - two-page popular highlights of journal paper, by Akbari, Menon, Rosenfeld on "White Roofs Cool the World," from LBNL Heat Island Group, September 20, 2008. (PDF file, 2 pages, 115 kb).

Equivalence Matrix [Tables to Convert Energy or CO2 (saved or used) to Familiar Equivalents - Cars, Homes, or Power Plants (US Average Data for 2005)]. (Word file, 129 kb)


Short-term fixes to high energy prices aren't sustainable, by Burton Richter and Arthur Rosenfeld., December 3, 2007.

Two Papers: Part 1 - "Opportunities in the Building Sector: Managing Climate Change" and Part 2 - "Global Cooling: Effect of Urban Albedo on Global Temperature". Two papers published at the 2007 proceedings of the Inteernational Seminar on Planetary Emergencies, Erice, Sicily, August 2007. Publication # CEC-999-2007-034. (PDF file, 17 pages, 860 kb).

"Energy Efficiency In California and the United States: Reducing Energy Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions", Final version of chapter appearing in book CLIMATE CHANGE SCIENCE AND POLICY (2007); Schneider, Rosencranz & Mastrandrea (editors). Posted February 21, 2007, updated 7/25/07. Publication # CEC-999-2007-007. (PDF file, 24 pages, 273 kilobytes).


"California Illuminates the World" cover story from Onearth, a publication of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Spring 2006. (PDF file, 7 pages, 1.5 megabytes).


"Energy Efficiency and Climate Change." Article by Commissioner Rosenfeld, Pat McAuliffe and John Wilson originally published in the Encyclopedia of Energy, Vol. 2, p. 373, Elsevier Press, 2004. Used with permission. (PDF file, 10 pages, 202 kilobytes, ID # CEC-999-2005-015).

"Draft Emerging Technologies Whitepaper", Commissioner Arthur Rosenfeld; Nancy Jenkins, PIER Buildings Program Manager, California Energy Commission; Robert Shelton, Managing Director, Navigant Consulting. Update placed on line: February 8, 2005. (ID # CEC-999-2005-002, PDF file, 26 pages, 756 kilobytes).


"Demand Response Hardware and Tariffs: California's Vision and Reality - ACEEE Summer Study, August 2004", Placed on line: August 31, 2004. (PDF file, 21 pages, 207 kilobytes).


Tables to Convert Energy or CO2 (saved or used) to Familiar Equivalents - Cars, Homes, or Power Plants (US Average Data for 1999). Arthur Rosenfeld and Satish Kumar, May 2001. (PDF file, 4 pages, 44 kb)