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Individual Dockets Comprising the
2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report


The docket log lists all the documents submitted for this proceeding.

Key documents can be found online on the documents page.

Please direct all inquiries to the dockets office at: (916) 654-5076.

Docket Number Subject Area
06-IEP-01.html Main Docket
06-IEP-1B.html Transportation Energy
06-IEP-1C.html Renewable Energy and Renewable Portfolio Standard
06-IEP-1D.html Natural Gas Assessment Report
06-IEP-1E.html Assesmbly Bill 2021 Implementation - Energy Efficiency and Demand Reduciton Savings
06-IEP-1F.html Senate Bill 1059 Implementation - Transmission Corridor Planning
06-IEP-1G.html Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Update
06-IEP-1H.html Retail Electricity Price Forecast
06-IEP-1I.html Electricity Demand Forecast
06-IEP-1J.html Electricity Supply
06-IEP-1K.html Cost of Generation
06-IEP-1L.html Land Use and Energy
06-IEP-1M.html Integrated Scenario Analyses
06-IEP-1N.html Nuclear Power Issues
06-IEP-1O.html Carbon Sequestration (AB 1925) - Clean Coal
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