DRIVE: California's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program

Funding Opportunities

About the Process

Each year, the Commissioners decide which of the various alternative fuel and vehicle projects should be funded. These decisions are based upon feedback received from the public as well as the goals of the legislation and then publicized in an Investment Plan.

View the current Investment Plan.

Find Funding & Apply

Solicitations for the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program may be found on the Transportation Program area page for Energy Commission requests for proposals, contracts, and solicitations.

After Filing

If you do find a solicitation that interests you and decide to apply:

  1. Following a screening, scoring, clarification and ranking process, the final results will be released to the public in a Notice of Proposed Award. This process can take several weeks.
    View the Notices of Proposed Awards (NOPAs)
  2. After the posting of the NOPAs, the Energy Commission will negotiate final terms and conditions with the winning applicants and enter into a Grant Agreement. This agreement will be scheduled and heard at an Energy Commission Business Meeting for final approval.
  3. Projects begin only after the Grant Agreement is fully executed.

Stay Connected

Subscribe to the list server so that you will be notified of funding opportunities as they develop. Throughout the year, Energy Commission staff meets with industry representatives, fleet owners, think tanks, environmental groups and others for input into the funding needs for the growth of the industry. You and your company can participate in this process.

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