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Parker-Hannifin Corp Medium & Heavy Duty Vehicle Development

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Parker- Hannifin Corporation will utilize a grant from the Energy Commission to demonstrate 20 heavy-duty beverage delivery hybrid hydraulic vehicle systems for urban delivery applications. The goal of the project is to achieve between 40 to 50 percent fuel efficiency improvements. Prior electric-hybrid delivery trucks have demonstrated 30 percent fuel economy improvement and 23 percent greenhouse gas emission reductions. An innovative direct driveline connection will enable the truck to operate as a series hydraulic, in pure mechanical mode at higher speeds, or in a blended mode that optimizes drive train efficiency between hydraulic and mechanical drive. This hydraulic-hybrid system stores less energy, but should more effectively recover braking energy thus potentially matching electric-hybrid vehicle benefits.

Grant Amount

$750,000 from the Energy Commission's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program.

Match Funding

$1,250,000 from the project participants.

Project Benefits

Each truck will save approximately 5,200 gallons of petroleum diesel per year and reduce 82 tons of CO2 emission annually (23 percent GHG reductions per year). Approximately 40 jobs will be maintained or created for assembly. In addition, local maintenance and service support jobs will be created for the hydraulic hybrid units. Manufacturing, maintenance, and service support jobs will be created within each of the companies involved with this project.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-09-011

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