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Kenworth Truck Company Grant For the Deployment of a Next Generation Alternative Fuel Power Truck Project

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For heavy-duty class trucks, the Kenworth Truck Company will demonstrate a hybrid-electric drive system that uses a natural-gas-powered micro-turbine. The goal of the project is to develop and demonstrate a commercially viable Class 8 alternative fueled vehicle utilizing micro-turbine and hybrid technologies. The system will use an intercooled recuperated 350 kilowatt micro-turbine that will be run on natural gas because of the fuel’s low emissions and low cost. This hybrid-electric drive system is expected to meet emissions standards without after treatment and demonstrate fuel economy improvements in excess of 20 percent over a baseline 15L diesel engine.

FedEx will take delivery of the demonstration truck and integrate the vehicle into its on-going operations starting in 2014 for 6 months on road demonstration. The test vehicle will be equipped with data-logging equipment to record information on the vehicle’s operation for analysis.

Grant Amount

The Energy Commission is providing $1,458,735.

Match Funding

The project participants are providing a minimum of $1,581,906.

Project Benefits

This project has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46 tons and diesel fuel by 13,800 gallons per truck per year.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-09-012

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