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Electric Vehicles International (EVI) is designing, developing, and deploying a clean, state-of-the-art range-extended EV power train technology for medium-duty trucks, using Valence lithium-phosphate batteries for a 100-115 mile range. These vehicles will use a liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered motor and generator to extend its range. The powertrain will be integrated into 10 standard medium-duty pick-up trucks owned by Pacific Gas &Electric (PG&E), the first of which was unveiled September 19, 2013 at EVI’s Stockton headquarters.

Grant Amount

The Energy Commission will provide $2,569,367 in Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program funds.

Match Funding

The project partners are providing $2,839,777 of match.

Project Benefits

Compared to its petroleum-fueled counterpart, each range-extended electric vehicle will use the equivalent of 1,750 gallons less of fuel and save an average $8,000 on fuel purchases and maintenance annually, and release over 38,000 fewer pounds of CO2 every year. This project will create new 40 green jobs in Stockton, California, one of the nation’s hardest hit regions economically with an unemployment rate of over 16 percent. This project will also generate significant sales tax revenue for the state and city/county.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-09-017

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