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ClipperCreek, Inc. Grant to Update Existing Electric Vehicle Infrastructure to SAE-J1772™ Standard Without Stranding Existing Drivers

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ClipperCreek is updating existing publicly available electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) – commonly referred to as "legacy" chargers – to the new SAE-J1772™ standard. Clipper Creek also developed and installed an interface to provide metering data and load management control by the utilities. ClipperCreek will refurbish and allow small paddle inductive connectors to remain on the sites where they are being used by older electric vehicles. By completion of the project, ClipperCreek projects that they will be installing a total of 795 charge points at 331 sites in California.

The goal of this project is to provide a low cost and low risk option to upgrading existing electric vehicle infrastructure in California. This will support existing and proposed rollouts of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and allow utilities the ability to collect EVSE data and manage load.

Grant Amount

TThe Energy Commission is providing $2.3 million.

Match Funding

The project participants are providing a match in the amount of $1.3 million.

Project Benefits

These stations will have a positive benefit on battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle sales. Annual GHG savings for each electric vehicle is estimated at 9.3 tons of CO2

Utilities connected to Clipper Creek’s EVSE will have the capability to collect data and manage the EVSE load.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-001

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