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EV CONNECT LLC Grant For Public Plug-in Vehicle Charge Stations at Los Angeles County Metro Transit Locations

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Reviewed by JB Oct 7, 2013 EV Connect LLC has installed 20 publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles at five different public transportation hubs within the area served by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. As carmakers roll out all-electric cars and plug–in hybrids, Southern Californians will be some of the first drivers in the nation to have access to the new technology. Adding charging stations at Metro lots helps solve the range limitation of plug-in electric vehicles by offering a public transportation option to a charging opportunity. The project combines two of the lowest carbon emission transportation options, electric cars and public transportation.

The chargers allow electric vehicle owners to drive to a metro station, park their car, take public transportation, and have their electric car fully charged when they return. The five metro stations with charging stations installed in this project include Universal City, epicenter for much of the entertainment industry and local tourism;Union Station, the train depot with connections to Metrolink, Amtrak, Metro Bus, DASH shuttles and other municipal bus lines; the Sierra Madre Villa transit station, a hub that connects travelers to local and regional transit services provided by Metro, Foothill Transit, and Pasadena ARTS buses; El Segundo Station; and Willow Station.

Grant Amount


Match Funding

$23,096 from the project participants.

Project Benefits

The project will not only add charging stations but will serve as a pilot project to test the idea of adding additional electric vehicle infrastructure throughout the metro transit area. With more than 60 million passengers passing through these five hubs each year, the project could significantly raise awareness of electric vehicles.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-006

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