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Coulomb Technologies Grant For Development of a Charge Point Communication Processor

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Coulomb Technologies, a California-based electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturer, will develop and manufacture its Charge Point Communication Processor to link charging points to the smart grid to offer multiple services.

The project should result in a complete smart charger network capable of remotely controlling the charging and discharging of batteries and shifting charging loads away from peak hours. Coulomb’s smart charge network also will be capable of providing billing, wireless monitoring, and web and cell phone services for consumers.

Grant Amount


Match Funding

$1,102,985 from Coulomb Technologies.

Project Benefits

Coulomb"s project will integrate hardware and software for charging stations into a smart grid that will help power plants level the load, smoothing out power demand to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut the cost of electricity. Additional charging locations will spur the growth of all-electric cars and plug–in hybrids.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-012

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