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TransPower is concluding their study and performance tests to determine the feasibility of a Vertically-Integrated Facility for Electric Truck Manufacturing (VIFET). The VIFET project goal was to conduct feasibility studies to establish the economic viability of TransPower’s concept of a three-stage vertically integrated facility for manufacturing electric Class 9 trucks, and to conduct performance tests to validate that certain key components are ready for commercial manufacturing. The key components include an advanced power converter and a high-capacity energy storage module using lithium batteries and an advanced battery management system.

This grant agreement funded two vehicles. The first truck was a “rolling test bed” used to validate the components and technologies developed during the project and the second was a prototype Class 8 electric truck with full operational capability that will be used for demonstration and testing in the San Pedro and Los Angeles port regions.

Grant Amount

The Energy Commission is providing $1,000,000.

Match Funding

The project partners are contributing $1.625,761 in match.

Project Benefits

Successful completion of the VIFET project and commercialization of the technologies are expected to result in annual savings of 7500 gallons of diesel for each electric truck that replaces a diesel counterpart. Similarly, emission reductions are estimated at 75.57 tons per year when comparing the electric truck to its diesel counterpart.

It is estimated that up to 300 new jobs will be created by the establishment of the manufacturing facility and commercialization of the electric truck technology.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-020

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