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San Francisco-based Mission Motor Company used an Energy Commission grant to help bring its prototype electric vehicle components to commercial production. The company’s goal is to create an assembly facility at its research and engineering headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

In 2007, the company developed Mission One, a high performance electric motorcycle with a top speed of 150 miles per hour and a range of 150 miles on one charge. Now the company is using that technology to create battery modules and motor control systems that will work in other electric motorcycles, scooters, cars, buses and even outdoor power equipment. The company’s electric powertrain is modular and scalable in order to work in a number of different electric vehicles. Production orders are already coming in from vehicle manufacturers. Mission Motor is committed to sustainability in operations, full-cycle sustainability in product design and manufacturing, and social sustainability in the relationships between the company, employees, and the local community. Examples of this commitment include designing products so that they can be returned and reused at the end of their useful life, and locating the research, engineering, and assembly facility in downtown San Francisco so that employees can walk or bike to work.

Grant Amount


Match Funding

$623,581 from Mission Motors.

Project Benefits

This project is complete and a new electric vehicle component manufacturing facility was built in San Francisco. It created four permanent manufacturing jobs and dozens of Bay-area green-collar manufacturing and assembly jobs.

Mission Motor Company designed assembly lines that are capable of producing several thousand battery packs and motor control systems each year by 2015. These components support electric vehicle production and deployment. Whether used in a motorcycle or light-duty vehicle, each powertrain will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum by an amount commensurate with the conventional vehicle it displaces.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-021

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