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Border Valley Trading (BVT) will construct a public-access liquefied natural gas (LNG) station in Palm Springs to support BVT and Hay Day Farms (HDF) fleet vehicles as well as other regional fleet vehicles. The agreement addresses BVT’s need for fuel which was previously reliant on the availability of LNG fuel at the Sunline facility in Thousand Palms --- which closed. BVT will expand the availability of LNG to fuel their fleet of 20 trucks and the HDF fleet of 20 trucks.

Grant Amount

The Energy Commission is providing $500,000.

Match Funding

Match of $1,760,495.

Project Benefits

The station will provide nearly 1.7 million gallons of LNG per year; which will displace over 958,900 gallons of diesel fuel. The use of the domestically-produced LNG will reduce more than 10,843 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, 74.5 tons of nitrous oxides emissions, and 1.5 tons of particulate matter per year. Currently, the Ontario LNG site is the eastern-most 24-hour, public-access site in California. The Coachella Valley Regional LNG Station will enable interstate vehicles and goods movement fleets to reliably reach California ports and to possibly link into LNG fueling markets in Phoenix, Arizona. The project is expected to create approximately 36 jobs.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-042

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