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Agricultural Waste Solutions, Inc.
San Jacinto Biofuels Production #1 In Riverside County, California

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Agricultural Waste Solutions (AWS) will assemble, operate and test a modular, skid-mounted demonstration pilot plant that will convert dairy waste to renewable diesel. The diesel produced in this process will be tested through use in their dairy farm vehicles. If successful, AWS will partner with the 26 dairies in the Western Riverside Agricultural Coalition to plan for the commercial scale application of this technology in the Moreno Valley area. This project will demonstrate the feasibility of a modular technology for converting dairy waste to liquid fuel that includes a proprietary solids separation process, a solids gasification process, and a Fischer-Tropsch process for conversion of syngas to renewable diesel. The conversion technology also provides the potential to alleviate the waste water discharge, air quality, and salt emissions impacts associated with dairy waste disposal in California.

Grant Amount

$658,220 from the Energy Commission's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program.

Match Funding

$1,082,937 from the project participants.

Project Benefits

At commercial scale, the technology could produce 6.8 million gallons of renewable diesel per year from the 35,000 dairy cows in Western Riverside County Agricultural Coalition (WRCAC). Each of the 3- to-5 commercial facilities needed to serve these 26 farms would result in 10 full-time jobs for facility operation, which will help stabilize local on-farm employment. At commercial scale, the diversion of manure from the 35,000 cows in WRCAC would result in reductions of 851,050 tons/year CO2E of methane and 720,666 tons/year CO2E of nitrous oxide.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-043

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