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Cummins Inc. (Cummins) has designed, and is currently procuring the components for a new powertrain concept for medium duty truck operation which includes a 2.8L E85 optimized engine and engine start/stop technology. The integrated system is projected to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions significantly and meet California’s criteria emission levels while exhibiting performance and total cost of ownership attributes comparable to diesel counterparts in the 19,500 lb step van market. The design will be validated using test cell operation and prototype vehicle demonstration results.

Grant Amount

The Energy Commission is providing $2,712,140.

Match Funding

The project participants are providing a minimum of $3,790,027.

Project Benefits

Successful completion of this project may result in a new market for E85 fuel now dominated by gasoline and diesel in the 19,500lb step-van fleet market. The E85 powertrain has GHG reduction potentials from 0-69 percent depending on the feed source used and the vehicle drive cycle. California produced corn ethanol would produce 10-20 percent reduction in GHG emissions.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-044

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