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Southern California Regional Collaborative Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Installation and Upgrade SoCal EV Ready Project

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Southern California has established a regional coalition that ranges from the ocean to the desert and Santa Barbara County through Orange County. It represents a population of approximately 18 million and is one of the most environmentally challenged regions in the nation. To prepare for the rollout of plug-in electric vehicles in the Los Angeles region, the Southern California Regional Collaborative (SCRC) will install and upgrade plug-in electric (PEV) chargers in multiple locations throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan Region. The SCRC is comprised of 23 public agency partners as well as private sector participants.

Market launch announcements by major auto manufacturers, the quantity of battery electric vehicles in the 1990s, and hybrid vehicle market penetration in Southern California strongly suggests that the six-county Southern California region in SCRC will have the largest market penetration of PEVs in the United States. The demand for plug-in electric vehicles in the Los Angeles area is expected to be strong. The SoCal EV Ready Project will fund at least 315 upgrades and new chargers for fleets, workplace, and public locations. The final number of installations will depend on the availability of partnership funding.

Grant Amount

The Energy Commission is providing $840,750.

Match Funding

Project partners will provide match funding of $542,659.

Project Benefits

PEVs in the Southern California market will reduce the region’s dependence on petroleum, with reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and criteria air pollutants, including air toxics. The annual GHG savings for each electric vehicle is estimated at 4.6 tons of CO2. These charging stations will encourage PEV sales and give new PEV drivers confidence to travel throughout the region. The SCRC project will also create hundreds of jobs in the electric transportation field and benefit the entire California-based EV-related industry.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-045

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