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BioStar Systems, LLC - Sonoma County Biomethane Production for Transportation Fuel

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BioStar Systems, LLC, is partnering with Sonoma County Water Agency and Sonoma County Transit to produce 240,000 cubic feet of biogas per day using a waste reception and blending facility, high temperature anaerobic digestion, and a biogas conditioning facility. This project will produce 148,000 cubic feet per day of pipeline quality biomethane to be used by the Sonoma County Transit fleet. Excess gas will be distributed to public compressed natural gas stations. The feedstock used for this project will be dairy waste and food processor waste (75,000 and 66,000 gallons per day, respectively).

Grant Amount

$3,372,314 in Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Transportation Program funds.

Match Funding

Project partners will provide match funding of $3,372,314.

Project Benefits

This project is a part of the County of Sonoma's effort to reduce GHG emissions by 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2015. The amount of biogas produced by this project is enough to fuel 33 of Sonoma County Transit's 45 fleet buses daily.

Biogas can be produced and sold at a lower total life-cycle cost than fossil fuels, when taking account of environmental, energy, and economic benefits. Dairy farmers and food processors save on disposal costs and avoid capital costs for expensive infrastructure to comply with increasingly stringent air quality regulations. This project will employ the only thermophilic digester producing biogas for transportation in Northern California.

The production and use of biogas from this project can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 40,100 tons per year. This facility will reduce waste transportation costs for Sonoma County's food industry by an estimated $120,000 per year. The reduced hauling distance would conserve approximately 80,000 gallons per year of diesel fuel. The project will generate approximately 94 jobs over the life of the project, including manufacturing and construction jobs.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-049

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