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CR&R Municipal Solid Waste to Biomethane Project

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CR&R, a large waste and recycling firm will construct and operate a 50,000 ton per year facility at the Perris Material Recovery and Transfer Station in Riverside County. This facility will process mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) from the City of Los Angeles using a wet separation technology from Arrow Ecology to separate recyclable materials non-recyclable inert waste. Biodegradable materials will then be pumped into a two-stage anaerobic digestion system to produce biogas. Purac technology will clean the biogas, which will then be injected in the Sempra natural gas pipeline where it is used by Shell Energy North America for transportation fuel. The project was originally designed to produce electricity, earning a federal tax credit. However, Energy Commission funds will enable a shift in the end product to biomethane for transportation. Byproducts will include the recovery of recyclables and a compost product called digestate.

Grant Amount

$4,520,501 from the Energy Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program

Match Funding

$18,511,00.00 from the project participants

Project Benefits

CR&R estimates that the project will use 50,000 tons of waste per year to produce 120,000 mmBTUS of biomethane annually. This will displace the equivalent of 865,000 gallons of diesel, enough to power 60 to 80 heavy-duty waste hauler trucks, reducing an estimated 57,740 tons of carbon dioxide between 2013 and 2020. The project will also create 100 construction jobs and eight permanent facility/operation jobs.

Grant Agreement Number: ARV-10-052

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