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Megawatt Cap Totals for CRS Proceeding

Exemptions for Cost Responsibility Surcharge Fees for Departing Loads

Total Megawatt (MW) Cap is 3000 MW.

  Eligible for Full CRS Exemption Eligible for Partial CRS Exemption Eligible for Partial CRS Exemption
  • Eligible for CPUC Self-Gen or CEC Emerging Renewables Program Rebate
  • Net Metering Customer
  • Biogas Digester Eligible Under AB 2228
  • Above 1 MW and Classified as Ultra-Clean and Low Emission
  • All Other Generation Subject to BACT
Cap Under Category N/A N/A 1500 MW
Reserved in CRS Exemption Queue 151.05 MW 0 154.48 MW
Available Under Cap N/A N/A 1255.52 MW
Available UC/CSU Set Aside N/A N/A 90.00 MW

Updated July 30, 2010

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