List of 1981 - 1999 Geothermal Projects and Reports

Reports or contracts may be available for projects listed below. Please email Rizaldo Aldas for information on specific projects.

Project Name Contract Number Publication Number
Conduct Geothermal Resource Assessment to Support a District Heating System (San Bernardino City Water Department) 500-81-005  
Geothermal Energy Opportunities For California Commerce Contractor Report Phase 1 500-82-008 P500-82-008
Geothermal Energy Opportunities For California Commerce Consultant Report Final 500-82-049 P500-82-049
Development of an Extended Logging Tool for Geothermal Exploration and Field Development 500-97-034  
Design and Construct a Geothermal Space Heating System for the Roop's Fort Complex 912-81-002  
Assess the Market for Low Temperature Geothermal Water Produced as a by-product of Huntington Beach Oil Field Production 912-81-017  
Identify Direct-use Projects and Prepare Environmental and Mitigation Assessments (Inyo-Mono Association of Governments) 912-81-018  
Develop a Water System Master Plan Including Plans and Specifications for Water System Improvements (Anderson Springs Community Services District) 912-81-020  
Drill a Geothermal Production Well for a Water and Space Heating System at the Hospital in Greenville and Resource Assessment 912-81-022  
Design and Construct a Space and Water Heating System for the Hospital in Greenville 912-82-001  
Complete Resource Development Planning Studies (County of Siskiyou) 912-82-003  
Study Potential Social, Economical, and Environmental Impacts on the Community of Heber due to Geothermal Power Plant Development 912-82-006  
Formulate Policies and Procedures for Geothermal Power Plant Development and Identify Resources and End Users. (County of Mendocino) 912-82-007  
Complete a Geothermal Resource Market Study to Develop Direct Uses of Geothermal Resources in Sierra Valley 912-82-008  
Construct a Water Transmission Pipeline (5000 Feet) as part of Water Supply Relocation due to Geothermal Development (Anderson Springs Community Services District) 912-82-010  
Drill Production Well & Retrofit a Portion of Calistoga High School for Geothermal Space Heating 912-82-013  
Conduct Resource Assessement including production well drilling at Indian Springs School for geothermal space heating 912-82-016  
Complete Geothermal Environmental & Resource Assessment of the Northeastern Portion of Kern County Including Planning and Marketing 912-82-018  
Conduct Resource Assessment on City-Owned Property in Sierra County 912-82-021  
Conduct Resource Assessment and Complete Feasibility Study for Geothermal Development in the City of El Paso de Robles 912-82-022  
Add Geothermal Coordinator to Inventory and Market the Direct Use of Lower Temperature Resources (Lake County Planning Department) 912-82-025  
Conduct Resource Assessment Including Well Driling at Ft. Bidwell 912-82-026  
Complete Analysis of Heavy Metals in Plants and Animals in the Geysers 912-82-027  
Develop Air Pollution Planning Tools for the Geysers KGRA (Northern Sonoma County APCD) 912-82-030  
Design and Install Space and Water Heating Systems in City Pool (City of Susanville) 912-82-032  
Drill Temperature Gradiant Holes to Indentify Geothermal Resources (City of Calipatria) 912-82-034  
Establish Mono County Office of Energy Management to Coordinate Development 912-82-036  
Establish City Planner Position to Conduct Resource and Market Assessments (City of Lake Elsinore) 912-82-037  
Complete State-Required Modifications to the Hospital Geothermal Heating System (Indian Valley Hospital District) 912-82-038  
Compile and Assess Tracer Tests within the Geysers KGRA Complex Terrain 912-82-039  
Calistoga Geothermal Resource Assessment 912-82-051 P500-86-017
Compile Existing Geothermal Resource Data and Conduct Preliminary Market Assessment to Determine Potential Uses (City of Clearlake) 912-82-052  
Complete Resource Evaluation And Well Drilling For Possible Space and Water Heating Systems for the Greenville High School (Plumas USD) 912-82-053  
Install Air Quality Monitoring Stations to Measure Ambient Air Quality (Imperial County APCD) 912-82-055  
Conduct Geothermal Resource Assessment and Exploration City of Hot Desert Springs 912-84-057  
Design and Install Courthouse/Jail Geothermal Heat Pump System (County of Siskiyou) 912-84-059  
Complete Geothermal Retrofit of Cedarville Schools in Surprise Valley 912-84-061  
Conduct County-wide Geothermal Resource Assessment (County of Modoc) 912-84-062  
Confirm Calipatria Geothermal Resource Assessment Including Drilling 912-84-063  
Evaluate and Build Small Scale Electric and District Heating Geothermal Projects (Bridgeport PUD) 912-84-064  
Complete Feasibility Study and Market Assessment for a Geothermal District Heating System in Mammoth Lakes 912-84-065  
Complete Geothermal Heating System Conversion for the Indian Springs School in Big Bend 912-84-066  
Add Revegetation to Portions of the Healdsburg-Geysers Road 912-84-072  
Complete Geothermal Retrofits of the San Bernardino City Hall and Convetion Center 912-84-073  
Complete Feasibility Studies and Prepare Engineering Drawings for Private Users to Connect to the San Bernardino Demonstration DHS 912-84-076  
Develop the Geothermal Agricultural-Industrial Center (County of Lake) 912-84-079  
Confirm Sierra Valley Geothermal Resources including Drilling 912-84-080  
Expand Geothermal Pipeline for City District Heating System (City of Susanville) 912-84-082  
Complete Geysers Area Land Use Mapping and Data Collection 912-84-085  
Confirm Resources and Retrofit Lake Elsinore Community Center 912-84-087  
Complete Designs and Retrofit General Services Agency (County of San Bernardino) 912-84-088  
Complete Designs and Retrofit Environmental Public Works Agency (County of San Bernardino) 912-84-090  
Complete Designs and Retrofit Central Jail Complex (County of San Bernardino) 912-84-091  
Complete Designs and Retrofit County Center (County of San Bernardino) 912-84-092  
Complete Geothermal Watershed Assessment and Water Data Compilation for Pieta Creek 912-84-094  
Complete Geothermal Resource Assessment for the City of Twentynine Palms Originally Awarded to County of San Bernardino 912-84-095 912-86-005  
Continuously Monitor and Sample Geysers Geothermal Steam 912-84-097  
Design and Install Geothermal Space and Pool Heating (California Pines Community Services District) 912-84-098  
Explore for High-Temperature Geothermal Resources (Fort Bidwell Indian Community) 912-84-100  
Collect Coso KGRA Air Quality Baseline Data and Develop Dispersion Model 912-84-104  
Implement a Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) Project 912-84-106  
Conduct Middletown Traffic Bypass Study 912-84-107  
Continue San Bernardino Geothermal District Demonstration Heating System Retrofit Program 912-84-109  
Prepare Micrometeorological Air Dispersion Assessment Metholdology (Lake County APCD) 912-85-003  
Design and Install a Geothermal Heating Project at Greenville Schools 912-85-004  
Prepare Water and Sewer Engineering Plans for Heber's KGRA 912-85-005  
Design and Install Geothermal Heating Systems in Cedarville Hospital and Clinic 912-85-006  
Drill Production and Injection Wells for Commercial Park Project (County of Sierra) 912-85-007  
Complete a Healdsburg-Geyser Road Sediment Control Project 912-85-009  
Complete Modifications to the Hospital Geothermal Heating Project (Indian Valley Hospital District) 912-85-013  
Continue Office of Energy Management to Coordinate Geothermal Development (County of Mono) 912-85-014  
Complete Geothermal Resource Assessment to support a Direct-Use Program (City of Clearlake) 912-85-015  
Establish a Geothermal Data Bank (City of Susanville) 912-85-018  
Complete Geothermal Resource and Transmission Element (County of Lake) 912-85-020  
Complete Analysis of Elements and Parasites of Selected Geysers Wildlife 912-85-023  
Complete Assessment of Geothermal Resources Beneath City of Alturas 912-86-004  
Complete Geothermal Resource Assessment of Long Valley Area 912-86-006  
Complete Geothermal Resource Assessment and Develop Wendel Management Plan 912-86-006  
Design/Install Geothermal Heating System in the County Jail And Sheriff'S Building (County of San Bernardino) 912-86-012  
Complete Geothermal System Expansion to City Shop; add BTU Meters and a Test Bench (City of Susanville) 912-86-015  
Complete Geothermal Resource Assessment Project and Create District Heating System Management Position 912-86-016  
Conduct a Resources Assessment at White Sulfur Springs 912-87-002  
Geothermal Heating System Retrofit Modoc Joint Unified School District Alturas, California 912-87-004 912-85-006  
Conduct Lower Sonoma Valley Geothermal Resource Assessment 912-87-005  
Conduct Resource Assessment and Prepare Feasibility Study for District Heating System (City of Loma Linda) 912-87-006  
Conduct Resource Assessment and Temperature-Gradient Drilling in Kern River Valley 912-87-008  
Install Modification to the Geothermal Space and Water Heating Project (Indian Valley Hospital District) 912-88-001  
Construct Aquaculture Facility in Sierra County (Geothermal Agricultural Park) to Evaluate Possibility of Growing Mosquitofish Throughout the Year. 912-88-004  
Develop Monitoring Network to Establish Baseline Data for the Hydrologic System in the Long Valley Caldera 912-88-005  
Expand District Heating System into Two Areas of High User Demand and Retrofit Five or More Facilities (City of Susanville) 912-88-008  
Conduct Resource Exploration; Complete Feasibility/Market Analyses for Direct-Use Heating System; Drill and Test a Well (Town of Mammoth Lakes) 912-88-009  
Conduct Geothermal Resource Assessment and Exploratory Drilling Program (City of Colton) 912-89-001  
Expand Geothermal Agricultural Industrial Center (Phase II) for Production and Irrigation Systems (County of Lake) 912-89-002  
Secure Property to Continue Operation of Existing Air Monitoring Station as a Permanent Facility (No. Sonoma County APCD) 912-89-005  
Complete Resource Exploration for Bridgeport Geothermal District Heating System (Mono County Energy Management Department) 912-89-006  
Complete Geysers Water Assessment and Research Program 912-90-001  
Continue District Heating System by Drilling an Injection Well for Fluid Disposal and Extend Pipeline (Town of Mammoth Lakes) 912-91-001  
Complete Geothermal Resource Assessment - Phase II including Feasibility Study and Drilling (City of Twentynine Palms) 912-91-002  
Develop and Implement a Plan to Evaluate the Geothermal Resources Used for District Heating System (San Bernardino Municipal Water Department) 912-93-002  
Monitor and Analyze Geothermal Heat Pump Installations (SMUD and Truckee-Donner PUD) 912-93-003  
Complete Phase II - Geothermal Subsidence Detection Network (Imperial County) 927-83-041  
Conduct Geothermal Heat Pump Training (Truckee-Donner PUD) GEO-95-002  
Conduct Geothermal Reservoir Exploration by Fault Zone Guided Wave and Shear Wave Splitting Tomography (County of Mono) GEO-96-001  
Plug and Abandon Wells in the Geysers Unit 15 Steamfield GEO-96-002  
Deepen the Long Valley Magma Exploration Well from 7,500 Feet to a Total Depth of 12,000 Feet - Phase III GEO-97-001  
Santa Rosa Geysers Recharge Project GEO-98-001 500-02-078V1
Undertake Mineral Recovery from Geothermal Brines in the Salton Sea GEO-99-001  
Support the Southeast Geysers Effluent Pipeline Project for Secondary Waste Water Steamfield Injection (Phase II) GEO-99-007  
Evaluation of a Superheater Enhanced Geothermal Steam Power Plant in the Geysers Area   P700-84-003