Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

What is LNG?

Kenai LNG Export Terminal, Alaska - Photo Courtesu of CH-IV International -

Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, is natural gas in a liquid form. When natural gas is cooled to minus 259 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 161 degrees Celsius), it becomes a clear, colorless, odorless liquid. LNG is neither corrosive nor toxic. See more information in our Frequently Asked Questions About LNG.

LNG in California

According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, the United States, including California, needs to consider developing additional supplies of natural gas to meet its growing demand. Because existing North American supply basins are maturing, the U.S. will need to rely more on new supplies including liquefied natural gas and unconventional sources of natural gas such as shale and coal bed methane.

California already imports 85 percent of its natural gas supply from these basins. Currently, the United States has five LNG-receiving and regasification terminals, including one in Puerto Rico, but no terminal is located on the West Coast. Recently, however, a number of companies have proposed to build LNG import facilities in California, at other locations in the United States, and in Baja California, Mexico.

For more, please download our staff paper titled: LNG in California: History, Risks and Siting - Staff White Paper, July 17, 2003 (PDF file, 26 pages, 340 kilobytes).

Also see: Significant Events in LNG History (PDF)

For more information about LNG issues in California, please contact:

Ruben Tavares
Senior Electricity System Specialist
Electricity Analysis Office
California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS-20
Sacramento, CA 95814

News media please contact Media & Public Communications Office, at 916-654-4989.

Public Participation

The Energy Commission's Public Adviser, provides the public assistance in participating in Commission activities. For information on public participation, please contact the Public Adviser's Office at 916-654-4489, toll free in California at 800-822-6228, or e-mail at

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