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Natural gas, in the form of liquefied natural gas or LNG, has the potential to be exported from countries with large, proven natural gas reserves and relatively high reserves-to-production ratios. Some countries meeting this criterion include the Republic of Peru, Republic of Venezuela, Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Kazakhstan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Iraq, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, United Arab Emirates (also known as Al Imarat al-Arabiyah al-Muttahidah), Republic of Yemen, Federal Republic of Nigeria, and Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

However, not all of these countries are exporters of natural gas as LNG due to domestic need, inaccessibility to international natural gas trade and infrastructure, geopolitics, and lack of capital or technological investment. As largely populated countries such as the People's Republic of China and the Republic of India enter the international LNG market, the need to overcome these particular barriers, in addition to further exploration and discovery of accessible, proven natural gas reserves, is evident.

As traditional, economically viable oil and gas fields deplete, exploration and discovery have reached out to the furthest ends of the earth. The Arctic Ocean, long regarded as international territory, has experienced a recent rush for claims by not only Russia, but Denmark (via territory Greenland), Norway, the United States and Canada. In addition to oil and natural gas, the Arctic holds valuable mineral deposits, and non-mineral resources, such as fish and trade routes through the North East and West Passages.

The Antarctic landmass, traditionally used for research, has also seen a recent surge of land and maritime claims, most recently by the United Kingdom. Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, and the United Kingdom all claim portions of the great landmass, although the United States does not recognize any of these claims. Along with Russia, the United States has reserved the right to make claims in the future on the southern most continent.

Ongoing territorial disputes over hydrocarbon rich land and maritime regions have occurred in several areas of the world, including:

Countries Importing and Exporting LNG

Worldwide, there are 26 existing export, or liquefaction, marine terminals, located on or off shore, in 15 countries. In contrast, there are 60 existing import, or regasification, marine terminals, on or off shore, spread across 18 different countries. In addition to these existing terminals, there are approximately 65 liquefaction marine terminal projects and approximately 181 regasification terminal projects that have been either proposed or are under construction all around the world. It is not expected that all of the proposed terminals will be constructed.

Countries that Export LNG

(Start up date of earliest liquefaction terminal is in parentheses.)

Algeria, Republic of (1971)
Australia, Commonwealth of (1989)
Brunei (Darussalam), State of (1972)
Equatorial Guinea, Republic of (2007)
Egypt, Arab Republic of (2004)
Indonesia, Republic of (1977)
Libya (also known as the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) (1970)
Malaysia (also known as Persekutuan Tanah Malaysia) (1983)
Nigeria, Federal Republic of (1999)
Norway, Kingdom of (2007)
Oman, Sultanate of (also known as Saltanat Uman) (2000)
Qatar, State of (also known as Dawlat Qatar) (1997)
Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of (1999)
United Arab Emirates (also known as Al Imarat al-Arabiyah Al-Muttahidah) (1977) United States of America (1969)

Countries that Import LNG

Start up date of earliest regasification terminal is in parentheses)

Belgium, Kingdom of (1987)
China, People's Republic of (2006)
Dominican Republic (2003)
France (also known as the French Republic) (1972)
Greece (also known as the Hellenic Republic) (2000)
India, Republic of (2004)
Italy (also known as the Italian Republic) (1971)
Japan (also known as Nihon, Nippon, Nihon Koku) (1969)
Mexico (also known as the United Mexican States) (2006)
Portugal (also known as the Portuguese Republic) (2003)
Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of (U.S. Outlying Territory) (2000)
South Korea, Republic of (1986)
Spain, Kingdom of (1969)
Taiwan (Republic of China) (1990)
Turkey, Republic of (1992)
United Kingdom (2005)
United States of America (1971)