Northeastern Europe - Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

map of Northeastern Europe showing LNG terminals with link to download PDF file of map

No LNG liquefaction or regasification marine terminals are in operation in Northeastern Europe, although nine liquefaction projects have been proposed or are under construction.

The Republic of Kazakhstan and the Azerbaijan Republic possess some of the largest proven natural gas reserves in the world, but both countries are landlocked, without ready marine access to the international natural gas market.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has entered into a proposed partnership with the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to market natural gas on the international market.

In an effort to diversify regional energy sources, the Azerbaijan Republic, Ukraine, Republics of Georgia and Poland, and Lithuania signed an agreement to extend a pipeline through their countries. The new pipeline establishes a new route between the Caspian and Baltic Seas, extending the Odessa Brody pipeline built in 2001. The exact pipeline route and funding of the project will be finalized by the five countries in 2008. The countries met to discuss their options following growing concerns over Russia's dominance in the oil and gas markets and threats of disruption to Europe's supplies.

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