Public Interest Natural Gas Research - Program Contacts

The PIER Natural Gas program resides within the Energy Research and Development (ERD) Division of the California Energy Commission. In addition to administering the PIER Natural Gas program, ERD has also implemented the Electricity Public Interest Energy Research program for seven years. The PIER Program annually awards up to $62 million to conduct the most promising public interest energy research by partnering with RD&D organizations including individuals, businesses, utilities, and public or private research institutions.

PIER brings new energy services and products to the marketplace and creates statewide environmental and economic benefits. PIER funding efforts are focused on the following RD&D program areas:

  • Buildings End-Use Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Innovations Small Grant Program
  • Energy-Related Environmental Research
  • Energy Systems Integration
  • Environmentally-Preferred Advanced Generation
  • Industrial/Agricultural/Water End-Use Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy Technologies

The research expertise nascent within the PIER electricity program subject areas is being used to effectively implement the PIER natural gas program.


Questions regarding specific research efforts may directed to the PIER program area leads:

Subject Area Contact Name Phone Number
Natural Gas End-Use Efficiency, Residential and Commercial Norm Bourassa 916-654-4581
Natural Gas End-Use Efficiency, Industrial and Agricultural Vacant
Environmental Research Linda Spiegel 916-654-4703
Transportation Energy Research Philip Misemer 916-654-4552
Renewable Energy Research Ken Koyama 916-654-4641
Strategic Analysis Mike Gravely 916-651-0316
Environmentally-Preferred Advanced Generation Val Tiangco 916-654-4664