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Workshop on the Intermittency Analysis Project: 2006 Renewable Baseline and 2010 RPS Scenario Results - August 15, 2006

The purpose of this Staff Workshop was to present the IAP findings and preliminary results for the 2006 renewable baseline and the 20 percent renewables by 2010 Renewables Portfolio Standard, RPS, scenarios. As the first of two project workshops, this meeting focused on:

  • Renewable portfolio scenarios (2010 - 20 percent renewables and 2020 - 33 percent renewables),

  • Resource locations and penetration levels,

  • Transmission upgrades, new development plans and assumptions, and

  • Hourly and sub-hourly system reliability, dispatchability and operational impacts under the developed 2010 - 20 percent renewables scenario.

The renewable portfolio accounts for energy production from all renewable sources throughout the state and has been developed in conjunction with California utilities and various transmission study groups. Transmission simulations, production estimates, impacts on the transmission system, system reliability, dispatchability and potential system cost impacts (i.e., value of forecasting) due to increasing 2010 and 2020 penetration was also discussed.

AGENDA - Posted August 8, 2006. (Acrobat File PDF 1pg. 16kb)

Proposed Presentation Outline - Posted August 8, 2006. (Acrobat File PDF 4 pgs 44kb)

Staff Comments

Responses to comments, filed by Pacific Gas & Electric, the California ISO, and the California Wind Energy Association after the workshop. (PDF file, 10 pages, 44 kilobytes)

Workshop Presentations

Please note: The deadline to submit comments on the presentations is September 1, 2006. E-mail written comments to pspauldi@energy.state.ca.us. Please note in the subject line "IAP Aug 15 Workshop Comments".

Intermittency Analysis Project: 2010 Scenario, presentation by Dora Yen-Nakafuji, Energy Commission Project Manager, and Kevin Porter, IAP Team Lead (PDF file, 21 pages, 604 kilobytes)

CAISO South Regional Transmission Plan for 2006 (CSRTP-2006), Dariush Shirmohammadi, Director, Regional Transmission - South. (PDF file, 50 pages, 308 kb)

Intermittency Analysis Project, Task 2: Current Year Renewable Power Flow Impact Analysis, Ronald Davis, Davis Power Consultants, PowerWorld Corporation, Anthony Engineering. (PDF file, 51 pages, 1 megabyte)

Intermittency Analysis Project Task 3: 2010 Power Flow Impact Analysis, Ronald Davis Davis Power Consultants, PowerWorld Corporation Anthony Engineering. (PDF file, 48 pages, 1.2 megabytes)

Intermittency Analysis Project Interim Results for Tasks 3+4, Nick Miller, Dick Piwko, Kara Clark Gary Jordan, Xinggang Bai, General Electric Company. (PDF file, 13 pages, 208 kb)

Intermittency Analysis Project, General Electric Company. (PDF file, 88 pages, 16 kb)

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