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Notice of Availability
Renewable Portfolio Standard: Decision on Phase 2 Implementation Issues
Publication Number 500-03-049F

At its regularly scheduled Business Meeting on October 8, 2003, the California Energy Commission adopted the Renewable Portfolio Standard: Decision on Phase 2 Implementation Issues, along with addenda to the report resulting from a public hearing on September 29, 2003. The addenda contained language referencing Senate Bill 67 (Sher, Statutes of 2003, Chapter 731), which was still pending at the time the report and addenda were adopted. Senate Bill 67 was subsequently signed by Governor Davis on October 8, 2003, and the report has been modified to reflect that.

The report was prepared under the Energy Commission's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Proceeding that was established on March 5, 2003 in response to Senate Bill 1078 (Sher, Statutes of 2002, Chapter 516) and Senate Bill 1038 (Sher, Statutes of 2002, Chapter 515).

The topics covered by the report include certifying in-state renewable energy resources, establishing guidelines for making supplemental energy payments, and developing a tracking and verification system.

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Date: October 17, 2003
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