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Implementation of Renewables Portfolio Standard Legislation (Public Utilities Code Sections 381, 383.5, 399.11 through 399.15, and 445; [SB 1038], [SB 1078])


Docket No. 03-RPS-1078
RPS Proceeding


Implementation of Renewables Investment Plan Legislation (Public Utilities Code Sections 381, 383.5, and 445; [SB 1038]) )
 Docket No. 02-REN-1038
Renewable Energy Program

Notice of Non-substantive Changes
Renewable Portfolio Standard Eligibility Guidebook

The California Energy Commission's Renewables Program Committee (Committee) has recommended and approved the attached non-substantive changes to the Renewable Portfolio Standard Eligibility Guidebook (Guidebook). Pursuant to the Energy Commission's Overall Program Guidebook for the Renewable Energy Program, non-substantive changes shall take effect 10 days after the Committee has approved and publicly noticed the changes. The attached changes will, therefore, take effect on May 21, 2005, 10 days after the mailing of this Notice.

The changes to the Guidebook consist of minor revisions to the form CEC-RPS-Track. This form was adopted by the Energy Commission as part of the Guidebook on April 21, 2004. It is used to gather data to verify the RPS procurement claims of Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs). The changes to this form are designed to aid Energy Commission staff in further verifying RPS procurement claims by requiring IOUs to account for their annual procurement of renewable resources monthly and by generating facility.

Attached to this Notice are two versions of the revised CEC-RPS-Track form. One version is in underline-strikeout format and shows revisions to the current version of the form. The second version shows the CEC-RPS-Track form without the underline-strikeout formatting.

Changes to the Forms

The revised form consists of a cover sheet, two schedules (Schedules 1 and 2), and an Attestation Form. The existing form consists of a cover sheet, an Attestation Form, and one schedule.

Schedule 1 of the revised form asks for the name of the generating facility, fuel type, and a series of identification numbers for each facility. The form requires that the IOUs enter the CEC RPS Certification Number onto Schedule 1 so that the facilities are easily identifiable when the forms are reviewed by Energy Commission staff.

Schedule 2 of the revised form requires that the IOUs list their monthly renewable procurement by generating facility.

The names, unit numbers, fuel types, and CEC-RPS Certification Numbers of generation facilities inputted into Schedule 1 will be automatically transferred by Excel to Schedule 2 and the annual generation totals will automatically be computed by totaling the monthly totals for each generator. The annual generation totals will also appear on Schedule 1 of the CEC-RPS-Track form.

The Attestation Form has been revised to clarify that the generation claimed on the CEC-RPS-Track form is delivered to the IOU at the in-state market hub or in-state substation located within the CA ISO control area of the WECC transmission system specified by the IOU in its power purchase contract with the facility.

Filing Date

Revised CEC-RPS-Track forms will be available on the Energy Commission's web site and mailed to interested parties on May 11, 2005. IOUs must use the revised CEC-RPS-Track form to report their RPS procurement claims for the year 2004. Completed forms are due to the Energy Commission by June 1, 2005. Although the Guidebook currently specifies that these forms are due on May 2, 2005, the Energy Commission is extending the due date this year to accommodate the gathering and reporting of additional data required as part of the revised form. Completed forms for 2005 will be due on May 2, 2006, and will be due annually thereafter until such time as the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS) is operational pursuant to the Guidebook.

Public Process

Please note that staff is developing forms to aid the generating facilities in meeting their reporting requirement and that staff anticipates making those forms available through a subsequent public notice. The Guidebook requires that generating facilities that certify with the Energy Commission for the Renewable Portfolio Standard submit monthly generation information to the Energy Commission for 2004. The data submitted in this report will be used to verify the procurement reports submitted by the IOUs. This reporting requirement will end for procurement that is tracked by WREGIS once WREGIS is operational pursuant to the Guidebook.

Members of the public who have questions regarding this Notice or the revisions to the CEC-RPS-Track form may contact Jason J. Orta of the Renewable Energy Program by phone at (916) 653-5851 or by e-mail at jorta@energy.state.ca.us. News Media should direct inquiries to Claudia Chandler, Assistant Director, at (916) 654-4989 or by e-mail at [energia@energy.ca.gov].

Date: May 9, 2005


Commissioner and Presiding Member
Renewables Committee
Vice Chair and Associate Member
Renewables Committee

Date Mailed: May 11, 2005
Mass Mail Lists: 5507 - RPS, 5505 - Emerging

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