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Notice of Availability of Consultant Report
The Progress of California's Publicly Owned Utilities
In Implementing Renewables Portfolio Standards

(Publication No. CEC-300-2008-005)
Docket No. 03-RPS-1078

The consultant report, The Progress of California's Publicly Owned Utilities in Implementing Renewables Portfolio Standards (publication # CEC-300-2008-005), addresses the progress of California's local publicly owned electric utilities toward meeting the state's Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS).

The 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report recommends ensuring that publicly owned utilities meet the same RPS targets for eligibility and compliance required of investor-owned utilities.

This report utilizes available data on the publicly owned utilities' RPS targets, self-established RPS resource eligibility rules, specific renewable energy deliveries, and renewable energy solicitations issued and contracts signed since enactment of the state's RPS in 2002. The report also compares their targets, renewable energy deliveries, and renewables procurement efforts to those of the state's three major investor owned utilities. It is anticipated that the data presented in this report will be periodically updated and made publicly available.

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