Process Energy - Agriculture Loan Solicitation

The California Energy Commission is offering below market rate loan funds for the purchase of proven cost-effective energy efficient and renewable generation emerging technologies applicable to the agricultural and food processing industries.

These emerging technologies include: thermal heat pumps, electrodialysis membrane systems, enterprise energy management systems, heating and cooling topping cycle systems, ultra-low NOx controlled energy efficient burners, solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal systems, utilization of food and animal waste for bio-energy generation.

No other technologies will be considered for this solicitation.

These technologies have been subjected to comprehensive research, development and demonstration efforts under commercial working conditions. These efforts have been funded by the Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program and the U.S. Department of Energy.

An energy efficient emerging technology is defined as a technology that:

  1. Is commercially available
  2. Is proven through an independent evaluation to reach new efficiency performance benchmarks when compared to current technologies
  3. Has yet to be adopted by no more than 10 percent of the agricultural and food industries in California.


How Much Funding is Available?

The Loan Program has approximately $3 million available for project financing. The maximum loan amount for any Applicant is $500,000 to finance a single project or multiple projects. The minimum loan amount for any applicant is $50,000. Funds are available for the design, purchase and installation of the eligible emerging technology.

What is the Interest Rate and the Life of the Loan?

The interest rate is 3.2 percent. Interest will be calculated as simple interest and the rate will remain fixed during the life of the loan. The maximum repayment term cannot exceed seven years. Interest accrues starting from the date funds are disbursed to the loan recipient.

2007-2008 LOAN PACKAGE

Complete Loan Package (Acrobat PDF, 48 pages, 1.0 megabytes)

Loan Package Components in Microsoft Word

If you wish to discuss project and facility eligibility, funding availability, and application requirements, please contact:

Ricardo Amon
California Energy Commission